House & Home Media

The House & Home Media's website has quickly turned into an authority site, a leading source of expert advice on interior design.

The featured content on this site is not just reliable, but highly diversified, too. The articles/videos/blog posts range from decorating advice coming from well-known designers and stylists, advocates of this brand, to blog posts presenting “now and then” home makeovers, from expert tips on furniture, accessories and fabrics, to DIY projects, how to's on decorating small spaces and the list can go on.

Oh, we've almost forgotten: it features a food section, too!

Heavy content, diversified content, content to be easily updated (added, edited, published) on a regular basis... Does it ring any bell to you? This web project had Drupal "written all over it"!

It depended (and it still does) on the CMS's overwhelming flexibility, on its highly improved authoring experience and on its whole “ecosystem” of user roles and user permissions!

What We Did
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal theming 

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