What's your idea of "an ideal workplace"?

Here's ours: a workplace that fosters innovation, cherishes flexibility and gives the "fun factor" its due importance!

Are you a "guilty" perfectionist?

Join the group here, at OPTASY, then! We, too, are both passionate and committed to excellence when it comes to our work, so we'd be glad to have you in our team.

Passion is what drives us, perfection and ambition to set ourselves apart from other companies is what challenges us and the wide array of benefits that we get rewarded with, here at OPTASY, is what keeps us highly motivated!


There's always room for improvement...

Being one of the OPTASY people is all about unleashing your whole potential and constantly boosting your skills and talents.

It's about growing within a team.

It's about that rewarding (and nonetheless confidence-boosting) feeling that you'll get, at the end of each challenging project, that you, as a member of the OPTASY team, have contributed to the business success of some of the world's most renowned brands. 


We're On the Lookout of Passion-Driven, Talented Colleagues

Are you a team player? Do you spark innovation? Then we can't wait to meet you!

At OPTASY “equality of opportunity” is not just some “corporate” expression, you know! We do believe in giving equal opportunities to all of our team members to grow and to fulfill their true potential and we do apply the same set of rules and policies. We're all equal here!

So, how do you project yourself years from now?

Do you see yourself surrounded by talented, passion-driven people having cutting-edge technologies at their fingertips? Then you see yourself at OPTASY!

Do you see yourself working in a workplace that treasures (not just encourages) initiative-taking and innovation instead of the dusty the “same old, same old” type of mentality? Where you get to constantly sharpen the skills and the knowledge that you come on board with?

How about that! You actually see yourself at OPTASY in your visions of the future!

We're looking forward to meeting you! Just send us your resume and take a big leap into the future, your own future as a Drupal developer!

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