• February 2017: Clutch placed OPTASY on its “Top Web Development Companies in Canada”
  • March 2017: Clutch lists OPTASY among the “2017 Top Web Development Companies in Canada”
  • January 2018: Clutch names OPTASY one of  “Canada: Top Developers” and “Top Canada eCommerce Developers”
  • March 2018: Clutch features OPTASY on its “Top Developers in New York” list, at 4 different categories (Drupal development, PHP development, e-commerce, Shopify, web development)

And this kind of recognition (for we prefer this word over “award”) is particularly significant to us since Clutch centres it researches around client reviews and honest customer feedback.

Now with the risk of showing lack of modesty: we strongly believe that this is an open list!

Yet, enriching it is not of our main goals. Instead, our main objectives are the same as the goals we set for each and every one of our projects:

  • to provide phenomenal customer services
  • to aim for excellence in what we do
  • to constantly improve our work efficiency, our project management workflow, without compromising the overall quality of our work

And if once we've reached these 3 main goals, we receive any “official” recognition for it, proving us that we did manage to live up our clients' standards, we can't be happier!

And fulfilled, as a team lucky enough to be doing what they love most.

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