Why would you want to build your next app with Flutter?

Instead of... React Native? Or maybe Swift?

What are the key advantages of using Flutter?

Here are the best reasons why you'd want to give it a go for your next app project:

But What Is Flutter Used For Anyway?

... for building native-looking Android and iOS apps using a single codebase.

What Are the Advantages of Using Flutter? What Is Flutter Used For?

"But how is it any different from other cross-platform frameworks?" you might ask yourself.


That's right, they're Flutter's equivalent of the React Native components. Or of the native UI components, if you wish.

You get to put together a fully customed UI for your app by choosing, then mixing and matching several ready-made widgets.

They look either iOS-native or Android-native and... you can even create your own widgets, from the ground up.

A widget could stand for a menu or a button, a slider, text, toggle...

Reason #1: You Get to Share Both the UI Code and the UI Itself Between Multiple Platforms

In short: you can make the most of having a common UI and business logic for all your target platforms.

And this is where Flutter manages to stand out from the crowd of cross-platform frameworks:

It doesn't just have a unique codebase for all platforms: it also shares both the UI and the UI code globally, across iOS and Android.

In other words, one language, one UI, same business logic translates into UI consistency across platforms.

Reason #2: You Reduce Maintenance Costs, One of the Main Advantages of Using Flutter      

And that's pretty obvious since you only have one codebase to maintain.               

Reason #3: You Save Time and Money (And Get to Be More Productive)

Just imagine:

You will use the same codebase for both the Android and iOS versions of your app.

So, this can only bubble up to your... overall costs. 


  • build one app and run it on multiple platforms (saving time and resources)
  • get to build more apps... faster
  • reach a wider audience with a single investment 

Reason #4: You Get to Inject Native-Level of Performance into Your App

"Why choose Flutter in 2020?"

Because it powers your app with close-to-native performance.

With Dart (Flutter's programming language) compiling everything into native code, and the need of accessing OEM widgets, out of the equation, you get better app startup times.

What Are the Advantages of Using Flutter? Native-Level Performance

Reason #5: You'll Develop Your App Much Faster

The Flutter development experience is one of the best. And the main reason why developing a Flutter app is so much simpler and, therefore, faster.

Here's why:

The "hot reload" feature allows your developers to view the changes made in code on simulators, hardware, and emulators in... real-time. With no need to restart.

This speeds up processes like adding new features, building your app's UI, and even testing it. One of the main advantages of using Flutter...

And, where do you add that you have a huge collection of ready-to-use-widgets at hand, which speeds up your app's development process.

Reason #6: You Speed Up Time to Market for Your New App

Since you don't need to develop separate apps anymore, one for iOS and one for Android, you get to launch your app much faster.

And to reduce your time to market.

Reason #7: You Get to Fully Customize the UI

Another one of the strongest Flutter app development advantages is the huge customization potential.

You get to customize your app's UI in the slightest detail.

And here are 2 ways that you can do that:

  • browse through its impressive collection of prepackaged, core layout widgets, pick the ones that fit your needs, customize them to your liking and... create a fully customed UI
  • go for some of the pre-built widgets that mimic the behavior of the iOS and the Android design languages: Cupertino and Material

You're free to customize every aspect of your UI, no matter how complex, thanks to Flutter's ready-to-use widgets.  

... and to save lots of time while doing it.

Reason #8: You Spend Less Time Testing Your Application

Just think about it:

The widgets making up your UI are part of the app itself and not part of the iOS or the Android platform. So, you're less likely to face incompatibility issues.

Which translates into less time invested in testing your app...

Reason #9: You Can Learn It in Just About... 2 Weeks 

You/your development team will spend less time learning it. And this is one of the key advantages of using Flutter.

Here's why:

The UI in Flutter is code, basically. So, you can just put logic on the UI code to create, use, and... reuse components.

Reason #10: You Get to Build a UI-Heavy App in No Time

"Is Flutter a good choice?"

It is if it's a UI-heavy application that you need to build. And you need it built really fast.

The END!

Now, whether these 10 reasons are strong enough for you to give Flutter a go or... not quite, one thing's for sure:

You need a fast, great-looking app, that should incorporate all those powerful features on your wishlist.

Nothing easier.

Just drop us a line with that wishlist of yours and let's get it built!

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