How will the chatbot and conversational agents market look like next year? Which are those high-impact chatbot trends in 2020 to expect and to prepare for?

Trends to adjust your customer experience strategy to...

And one thing is for sure: there's no way back...

You either standardize and invest in AI-powered chatbot development and implementation or you're... left behind. 

Because experts anticipate that by 2020 approx. 85% of the interactions that customers engage in with businesses will be chatbot-intermediated.

And because the now improved AI-based language capabilities are already paving the way to more sophisticated chatbot solutions for:

  • user support
  • customer service
  • information management

In short: there's no other way but... the “bot way”.

So, what will be the hottest trends of 2020 for chatbot (and associated technologies) development? Keep on reading...

1. Voice-Based Bots

Chatbot Trends in 2020: voice-based bots

Quote source: Big Data Made Simple

Are you prepared for the... rise of voice?

For a great customer experience will be a great voice experience in 2020...

Get ready to start using voice as the key medium for helping your customers:

  • find their way on your website/mobile app
  • find the product/identify the services they need
  • place an order
  • check their... bank balance

Voice will become a too important medium to explore and to “exploit” in order to attract new customers and retain your current ones. To send out your updates, deals, and offers...

In other words: you should grant talking bots a central place in your customer experience strategy by 2020.

Note: do not take talking bots or conversational interfaces for merely assisting chatbots, though.


  • voice language processing, speech recognition and AI technologies getting more and more advanced
  • skyrocketing consumer adoption of voice-enabled devices

… voice-activated chatbots will be one of the rising trends next year. Your customers will be uttering their queries instead of typing them on your site/app:

Will they be getting a helpful reply or... just the echo of their voices?

2. Enterprise Chatbots: One of the Biggest Chatbot Trends in 2020

Expect to witness conversational platforms take over... the workplaces.

This is going to be another huge trend in chatbot development in 2020. And it's pretty... predictable if you come to think of it:

Agile teams are on a constant quest for ways that could make their collaboration in the workplace more efficient.

Using just a verbal request for accessing a file or triggering a software tool — that would otherwise call for an X-step process — is, indeed, efficiency at its best. And convenience...

Is your team ready to rival these future teams who'll be taking full advantage of business chatbots next year? 

Keep in mind: faster and better will be the best 2 words to describe the workflows of the future. So, you might want to consider welcoming enterprise chatbots into your workplace

3. AI-Powered Chatbots

The future of chatbots is... AI-driven.

Chatbots will generate better customer insights by analyzing past and current data. And so, they'll feature more robust capabilities for identifying customers' preferences and behavioral patterns and for anticipating their future needs.

Now, what organizations wouldn't want to leverage that kind of capabilities to power their own customer experiences with, right?

4. Emotionally Intelligent Bots

Chatbot Trends in 2020: emotionally intelligent bots

IMAGE Image by Lola Kno from Pixabay  


Another one of those high-impact chatbot trends in 2020 that you should prepare for.

For we're about to witness some major developments in the field of emotional AI (or emotion-detecting AI, if you wish):

Chatbots will become... artificially empathetic. Meaning that they will be able to properly respond to human emotions, even if they can't replicate the processes behind those emotions.

They will still be able to... mimic the result of those processes.

Hard to imagine it? Well, you'd better imagine and embrace this vision, for in 2020 chatbots will do more than (just) recognize speech: they will detect tone and emotion, as well.

Now, just think about leveraging the power of emotion detection AI in your own customer service department...

The future of chatbots will be dominated by emotional/emotion-recognition/emotionally intelligent/empathetic chatbots — however you prefer to call them.

5. NLP-Based Chatbots 

Chatbot Trends in 2020: NLP-based chatbots

Quote source: Tech Funnel


Lift the language barrier and you'll be rewarded unlimited power to perfect the customer experience that you provide...


Luckily, in 2020 chatbots will be turbocharged with highly improved natural language processing capabilities. 

The “usual” obstacles, such as properly identifying a dialect, will be overcome. So, get ready to welcome chatbots capable to interpret your customers' messages with greater accuracy...

6. Automated Call Centers

Put together AI and NLO technology and you get the ideal setting for an automated call center.

Expect visual assistants to become a... “real” presence in the call centers' field in 2020. Sophisticated chatbot solutions will be empowered to assist customers in a human-like manner.

7. “Universal” Chatbots

Multitasking or multifunctional bots will be another one of the hottest chatbot trends in 2020. 

Just take this too common use case scenario:

You have a mobile app incorporating multiple services: schedule, alarm, finance manager, bank account. The user will get to interact with one chatbot (or bot persona or “universal” bot) that will trigger the “service-specialized bot(s) that he/she'll want to use.

Imagine a chatbot acting as an interface for multiple departmentalized agent bots...

The END!

These are the 7 chatbot design trends to expect and to prepare for if you want to deliver the best customer experiences in 2020. 

Which of them best fits your business needs?

Let us know and we're ready to turn it into a chatbot that fits perfectly into your company's customer experience strategy.

Main image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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