How do you get from a large audience to an... actively engaged large audience? How do you turn that massive volume of traffic that you've striven to attract into... actual sales? It's simple: you incorporate interactive website features into your site.

For it's elements like built-in feedback system, chatbots, or interactive photos that would get that large audience of yours involved on your website. 

A fast, visually stunning, and mobile-friendly website won't grant you more leads. Instead, a website that retains and connects with its visitors will...

But let's dive right into these (not so) “mysterious” website design interactive features that will help you boost user engagement on your site:

1. What Is an “Interactive” Website?

But first, let's see what an interactive website is NOT:

It's not a site that simply displays... content.

Instead, an interactive website IS, in fact:

A site that gets visitors to interact with its displayed content. Instead of merely “consuming” it...

A website that drives users to communicate with its interface by filling in popping-up forms, typing in comments, or clicking on the on-screen image of a product...

2. Why Does Your Website Need to Be Interactive?

In other words: why would you care about adding this level, as well, to the user experience delivered on your website?

I mean, your website's already super fast, visually striking, and conveniently responsive. It should be more than enough to... engage visitors, right?

Well, not really. Here are the strongest reasons why you should consider making your website strategically interactive, as well:

  • it cuts down your bounce rate: users tend to spend more time on a website that interacts with them than on a static one that reduces them to... mere content consumers
  • it builds long-term relationships: engaged visitors are much more likely to turn into... returning visitors
  • it boosts your brand awareness: interactive user experience is always a high impact one, that clings to visitors' memories, making your brand... memorable
  • it boosts user engagement (duh!): strategically placed interactive website features trigger more action than a mere display of content

3. What Are the Best Interactive Website Features to Consider? Top 7

Disclaimer: there's no such thing as “universally best” interactive website elements.

There are, though, the “most suitable” interactive features for your own industry sector and business goals. 

For instance: is it financial services that you provide? Then an interest calculator is the “best” interactive feature to incorporate into your company website. Relevance is key here...

Now, let's dig out the interactive website features with the biggest impact on user engagement metrics.

3.1. Simple Interactive Tools

Simple yet... highly effective, these tools range from short games to quizzes, to ad ROI calculators, to budgeting tools, to... math tools. 

Needless to add that their selection depends entirely on your business goals.

3.2. User-Generated Content

And this must be one of the most powerful interactive website features that you could integrate into your site.

Interactive Website Features- user comments

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay  

Empower users to create and upload content on your website:

  • product/services reviews
  • pictures of them wearing/using your products
  • guest posts
  • comments

It's a highly effective means to connect with your website users.

… to make them feel that they have the power to influence the user experience delivered on your website, to make them spend more time there, and even attract other potential customers with their reviews.

3.3. Wisely Used Interface Animations

Animations should be on anyone's list of interactive features on a website.

Word of caution: mind you use animations sparingly and with the sole purpose of enhancing your website's usability.

If instead you use them to visually “wow” your visitors, you'll only risk making your website look amateurish and untrustworthy.

Not to mention that a site crammed with animations would make your content difficult to read, as well.

Still, when used wisely, scrolls-triggered animations and dynamic hover states on images or links, for instance, will engage users.

3.4. Social Media Apps

Interactive Website Features- social media apps

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay  

The handiest way to “inject” interactivity into your website: social media apps.

And this “too” common functionality of enabling users to share your content and to follow your brand on social media is, still, one of the most effective ways to boost user engagement.

So, mind you don't underestimate the power of these buttons...

3.5. Live Chats or Chatbots

Assisting users throughout their visit on your website, being ready to anticipate and to promptly answer their questions... There's hardly a better way of connecting with and retaining website visitors.

Take live chats and chatbots as a too powerful mix of stellar customer service and “excuse” for users to stay on your website for a longer period of time.

3.6. An Interactive Feedback System

A built-in online survey tool or a contact form are other great ways of injecting a high level of interactivity into your website.

Take, for instance, the contact form: you get to reach 2 major goals with one shot.

  • you enrich your database of leads
  • you convey a “We Care” message to your online customers

3.7. Interactive Images and Videos

Let's try a little empathy exercise: get into the shoes of your eCommerce website user!

Now, answer this question:

“How convinced are you that you're making the right choice when you buy a product displayed in an on-site picture?”


Don't you struggle with the doubt that you might not make the best decision?

An interactive photo or video revealing certain features of that product in detail or showing it in action, in the real world, would have a dramatic impact on your customer journey, don't you think?

The END!

These are the 7 high impact interactive website features to put on your shortlist when you plan to make your site more engaging.

Which of these elements are you already making the most of on your website?

Main image by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


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