Yarra Plenty Library

Yarra Plenty Regional Library (or YPRL if you prefer), one of the largest ones in Australia actually, provides library (obviously) services to 3 municipalities northeast of Melbourne. Impressive enough, but what really sets it apart is its reputation as one the most progressive, innovative libraries in Australia.

YPRL “spoils” its readers/website visitors with a rich collection of content types ranging from ebooks to blog posts, from event news to homework help material, to job training programs and the list can go on and on.

It's no doubt that its reputation resides in the library's policy to incorporate new, forward-thinking technologies, as well, into its whole library services system: Drupal, social media, BiblioCommons, YRRL Pocket Library Android App, the Yara Plenty Reads Blog etc.

Rich content, new technologies, innovation... these are all signs that Drupal makes the perfect CMS for this progressive library!

What We Did
  • Drupal custom modules

  • Drupal site building

  • theming

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