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RegulationRoom is an experimental eParticipation platform (the “experiment” of a group of researchers from the Cornell University), providing the ideal online environment for citizens to learn all about the latest rules and plans initiated by federal agencies and where they're encouraged to react and to discuss the proposed rules, as well.

The platform's main objective is to promote public participation in the government rulemaking processes, an objective supported, of course, by its informative role, too. Speaking of the latter, the platform is a research one providing its visitors with relevant materials on rulemaking and planning.

How does it work? The selected rules are brought to public attention, their key issues are being summarized and presented to the portals' visitors, along with the government agencies' reasoning for having initiated them, links to relevant materials that would enhance understanding are uploaded on the portal and discussions encouraged. 

To put it briefly: RegulationRoom is both a teach-research platform and an alert-engage one, its ultimate goal being that of increasing public (an informed one)  participation in the rulemaking process!

What We Did
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal theming 
  • Drupal site building

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