Toronto FC Insider

(Far) More than just “another fan site”. Toronto FC's Drupal 7-based website turned out as the ultimate source of both informative and entertaining exclusive content for this team's supporters.

Content that they can “consume”, interact with and turn into... lifelong memories. In short: the resulting fan site is a source of memorable experiences...

And by “exclusive content”, meant to bring supporters closer to their favorite team, we do mean :

  • real-time news about the Toronto FC team

  • special offers

  • promotional materials

  • access to user-generated content

  • fan-exclusive contests

  • giveaways

  • video content (short clips)

Our client's — Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) — main goal was to grow the team's fan base by delivering exceptional experiences.

As the team in charge with this fan site's development, OPTASY’s 2 major goals have been:

  1. to optimize the website for multiple user devices

  2. to enable it to easily and seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and services for retrieving user-relevant, engaging content from multiple sources

What We Did
  • built the fan site from the ground up using Drupal 7: we've put together a custom pre-built architecture, then developed and added all the needed, project-specific components

  • integrated it with the Janrain CIAM platform (one leveraging a common user database, that a wide range of MLSE services and apps are “plugged” to)

  • integrated it with Vimeo, a media-rich platform, so that the exclusive video content gets retrieved, right from its sources, via API

  • synchronized content between the Vimeo account and the Drupal platform using a forced manual update for implementing a purge all/fetch all feature

  • integrated token sign-in validation from mobile apps: it takes no more than a click login for the user to switch from the fan site to apps serving the same purpose

  • configured the Janrain workflow so that it should be used on a multisite setup; this allows updating specific fields of the global Janrain user data object

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