MLSE - Auctions

“Auctions” is a new section set up to be easily deployed across the whole MLSE environment of Drupal websites and apps. One where registered sports fans can bid on various valuables and items auctioned there.

In other words, to the highly diversified range of sports fan experiences that they were already providing, MLSE wanted to add one more: the bidding experience.

And they assigned us, the OPTASY team, to create all the specific features and the functionality that they had in mind for this new “auctions” area:

  • the bidders should be enabled to register their credit card profiles quick and easy

  • the bidders should be enabled to place bids from the very same profiles, repeatedly

  • real-time updates to bidders

  • the winning bidders should be charged automatically

  • quick shipment of the won items

Also, they requested us to bundle up all these newly created auction features in a package module. One to be easily installed on any of the company's Drupal 7 instances.

What We Did
  • created all the above-mentioned features and set up an MLSE auction system from the ground up

  • integrated 2 key modules into the project: the Drupal Commerce bundle and the Commerce Auction contrib module

  • further extended the Commerce Auction module's functionality to incorporate an automatic bids algorithm

  • implemented a custom pop-up form that enables bidders to inline edit their profile pages

  • set the logic behind to use an FCFS mechanism so that the system could cope with those autobid scenarios featuring simultaneous bidders

  • developed a custom Commerce payment method module, one that supports credit card online payment integration

  • automated the order issuing process for the winning bidders

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