Mary MacLeod's Shortbread

Ask anyone in Toronto... no, in fact, ask anyone in Canada about "Mary MacLeod". Not only that they'll tell you that it's the name of a highly reputed brand of artisanal shortbread cookies, but they'll instantly... feel their mouths water.

Now, you can imagine that the chance to contribute our share of Drupal development experience and expertise to the reputation of this 38 years old bakery honored us, to say the least.

And challenged us to live up to the expectations.

The client approached us with the request to enrich the overall user experience on their Drupal 7-based e-store. And, overall, to streamline the whole checkout process by extending and “refining” the store's functionality with various e-commerce extensions and custom modules.

What We Did
  • installed multiple discount, coupon, and checkout extensions

  • integrated the Canada Post shipping plugin, which displays order shipping rates in real-time

  • developed a custom module around a "date pickup" functionality; basically, our client wanted to be able to limit customers' choices of weekdays for picking up their ordered products to specific days (and hours) only

  • ... also, the newly implemented functionality was not to interfere with the one that was already enabling them to block out certain dates from being selected by customers for order pickup

  • created user profile fields and ensured that users could easily edit their own account profile data

  • ensured that users could easily view their order history

  • monthly Drupal maintenance and support: we're regularly updating Drupal core and checking the integrity of the Drupal module ecosystem

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