Intelex Community

An online meeting place for EHS and quality professionals, where they can connect, collaborate and share gained knowledge with their peers. Members get to ask questions to leading industry experts and to access highly diversified curated content ranging from infographics to market research to news, to whitepapers and webinars...

The community platform was already an authority in its niche, attracting more and more members. Also, Intelex was constantly looking to improve the user experience provided there, but there was still room for improvement.

And this is when they came to us to help them reach their most recent goals:

  • to improve the page load time

  • to optimize the membership system and to set up several different groups

Small user communities would then grow around these new groups, with group-specific content to be shared and “consumed” there…

What We Did
  • we worked towards improving the cache mechanism for higher page load speed

  • we added 2 new different sections: “Companies” and “Groups”

  • we integrated specific legacy platforms into the Drupal 7-based membership website: Pardot, SalesForce, ServiceNow

  • we connected the Intelex Community website with Axure Data Hub; now every time that a piece of content gets added, removed, or edited on Drupal, it automatically synchronizes on Axure Data Hub, as well, via a custom-built REST Endpoint

  • we integrated it with Custom Windows Azure API, as well, thus turning Drupal into a centralized system

  • we simplified and streamlined the whole content workflow

  • we better structured the existing membership system, organizing both members and content into multiple different groups

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