Econo-Rack, one of the leading pallet rack and shelving system providers, wanted to give their website a major “revamp”. A whole new per-page design, that they needed done on top of the existing scaffolding...

A new website design that should look more... up to date, more visually-pleasing and inviting. So, they expected the whole process to involve (much) more than just redesigning the old headers and footers.

In this respect, migrating their website to a newer version of Drupal was a must, as well as configuring their new theme.

Overall, our tasks were focused on:

  • redesigning and improving the visitor experience on every page on their website

  • addressing all their incoming page-specific requirements (e.g. removing the old side navigation bar and keeping the new one on top, updating the old contact form...)

What We Did
  • redesigned each web page, while keeping the old structure

  • optimized the way information was displayed across the website (we included more visually-appealing images and improved the content sections on each page)

  • implemented a new, more intuitive and visually-pleasing content layout

  • configured a new theme, starting from the client's WordPress template of choice, one featuring drop-down menus with images

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