BiblioCommons is a software development company who's revolutionized the concept of "online public access catalog" itself, turning it into a front-end interactive catalog.

That's not all! Other types of public library-targeting web services fall under the umbrella of their ultimate "objective", that of crafting “discovery experiences” for all library customers: a 2-in-1 website builder and a CMS developed with a pubic library's organizational needs in mind and an events calendar, as well.

Its team's passion for innovation instantly turned BiblioCommons into the "typical" Drupal-adopting company!

Its overall weakness for cutting-edge technology, for building software aimed at delivering some customer-friendly digital experiences, as well as their determination to create the effective tools aimed at supporting their digital goals (and here we could mention a few ones: "Shelves" and "Hold" functions, "book in progress", point-and-visualize and reader reviews, etc.) have turned it into “the ideal” client for us, too! 

What We Did
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal theming

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