Berklee College of Music

Here's another institution which has forged and followed its own path to innovation, that we're proud and honored to be featuring in our portfolio: the Berklee College of Music!

That it's a "college of music" doesn't say much, but that it's the "largest independent college of contemporary music in the world", does say a few things about its innovative vision and therefore about its reasons for picking Drupal (an innovative content management software itself, too)

Its truly revolutionary principle, the very "foundation stone" of this institution, has been that of preparing students to excel in a wide range of contemporary music styles: rock, flamenco, hip-hop, reggae etc.

As for Berklee College of Music's website, it's a rich-content one, featuring highly varied content (ranging from news, events, available music programs-related information, student life-related posts, job listings, podcasts, you name it)! Now Drupal being a “popular” choice for higher education websites, due to its

  • its scalability
  • its power-meets-flexibility features
  • and its whole streamlined content workflow

... it's no surprise why it's been preferred over other CMSs.

What We Did
  • Drupal custom modules
  • Drupal theming
  • Drupal site building
  • performance tuning

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