Let's take this scenario: you need to create a landing page for your Magento 2 website. You have no coding experience, you need it built fast and preferably as easily as... dragging and dropping some builder elements. “What's the best Magento 2 page builder extension?” you then ask yourself...

Now, let me try and guess the other key features on your “must-have” list for this page builder:

  • to provide a drag and drop interface (definitely!)
  • to be optimized for speed
  • to come packed with powerful customization options
  • to support responsive design and mobile-ready layout
  • to make it easy for you to change the layout elements and build new blocks
  • to be integrated with Magento WYSIWYG 
  • to provide a rich collection of widgets for you to “joggle with”
  • to be compatible with other Magento themes and extensions

Have I guessed most of your “wishes”? 

Now, here are 5 Magento 2 page builders that meet your expectations of performance and ease of use:

But First: What About the Built-In Page Builder in Magento 2.3? 

First of all, you should know that you'll get this page builder out of the box with the Magento 2.3 Enterprise Edition edition only. The Community edition doesn't provide it.

So, if your eCommerce website's running on the EE edition, the default Magento 2 page builder gets automatically installed.

It provides you with powerful content creation tools and visual drag and drop page builder to create and to easily edit your pages.

1. Landing Pages for Magento 2, from Amasty

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: Landing Pages for Magento 2, from Amasty

A flexible module for creating landing pages in Magento 2. 

Expect to get “spoiled” with lots of powerful functionalities aimed at boosting conversation:

  • it allows you to create custom sub-selections of your products/services, for each page
  • … custom meta tags
  • … Google friendly URLs
  • it enables you to put together unique and engaging content for your landing pages

Key features:

  • it allows you to display your custom CMS blocks at the top/in the bottom of your landing page
  • it allows you to create page-specific lists of products by leveraging the flexible conditions that it provides
  • it allows you to list your landing pages to your sitemap
  • it allows you to create a wide range of landing pages

2. Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder for Magento 2

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder for Magento 2

In your “quest” for the best Magento 2 page builder extension, you'll definitely want to consider Bluefoot, as well.

It's a content management system and page builder that empowers you to create custom, feature-rich webstore pages, with zero technical knowledge (either PHP or Magento template system related...).

Using it is unexpectedly easy:

  • its interface resembles the already familiar admin panel in Magento 2
  • just use Bigfoot once you have the WYSIWYG in Magento popping up

Key features:

  • drag & drop page builder
  • easy third-party content integration: from Google Maps to Youtube, building feature-rich web pages, posts and categories becomes surprisingly easy
  • a whole collection of styling options 
  • Magento WYSIWYG integration
  • static block integration
  • open-source code

In short, with Bluefoot CMS and Page Builder, creating custom web pages turns into a matter of... minutes.

3. Magento 2 Page Builder, from Landofcoder

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: Magento 2 Page Builder from Landofcoder

The best Magento 2 page builder extension if you fancy the idea of creating and configuring your (complex, feature-rich) pages right at the front-end. No admin panel needed...

Easy to use, convenient and highly intuitive.

Key features:

  • create an unlimited number of page layouts
  • easily change your layouts
  • a collection of +50 popular Magento widgets
  • a built-in element builder to create your own content elements and mix and match them to your liking
  • visual drag & drop admin interface
  • CSS skin builder, that grants you full control over your web pages' looks
  • block builder: create your blocks, then assign them to specific positions on your pages
  • top performance; it's built with page load time in mind

4. CleverBuilder  

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: CleverBuilder

Simple, intuitive, flexible and fast. What more expectations could you have from the best Magento 2 page builder extension, right?

Key features:

  • intuitive interface: just swipe through and select out of hundreds of content elements and templates
  • an all-baked-into-one solution: manage your whole web design workflow from one place
  • live front-end editor & inline editor: apply changes to your webstore pages (and test the end-results) in real-time
  • top performance
  • 100% visual design: simplicity & flexibility at its best 

5. Front-End CMS Page Builder, from Magesolution  

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: Front-End CMS page Builder from Magesolution

From homepages to content pages, to ads pages, to landing pages, this page builder allows you to create your CMS pages right at the front-end, by just dragging and dropping content elements.

Key features:

  • +30 builder elements
  • enhanced speed for your newly created web pages
  • highly intuitive drag & drop interface that display the updates you're making in real-time
  • responsive design options
  • compatible with other extensions and themes

 6. Page Builder for Magento 2, from Magezon

Best Magento 2 Page Builder: Page Builder for Magento 2 from Magezone

Another candidate for the title of “the best Magento 2 page builder extension”. And no wonder why: Magezon's page builder empowers you to create custom page layouts in no time. With zero coding experience required...

From adding descriptions to your products to putting together your website's structure, you're free to configure everything about your layout.

Key features:

  • +50 content elements
  • drag & drop page builder
  • fast performance with cache
  • ready-made templates
  • Magento WYSIWYG editor
  • a wide range of plugin integrations
  • a wide collection of customizable options

The END!

Needless to add that it's not the best Magento 2 page builder extension that you should be looking for, but the most “suitable” one for your own needs. So, what features do you value most?

Would you trade ease of use for... lightning-fast performance? Are flexibility and freedom of customization more important for you than simplicity and an intuitive interface?

Contact our team of Magento 2 experts in Toronto or leverage our Magento web design services in Vancouver to drive outstanding development outcomes.

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