If you’re wondering about Drupal’s new version 10.2, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What’s New in Drupal 10.2?

Drupal 10.2, the latest open-source content management system update, introduces significant enhancements and new features aimed at improving user experience and developer efficiency. 

Let’s look at the new things that Drupal 10.2 brings to the table.

A Fresh Look with Olivero and Claro

This version replaces its default frontend theme, Bartik, with the modern and accessible Olivero theme, named in honor of Rachel Olivero, a noted Drupal contributor and accessibility expert. The backend also sees an overhaul with Claro, providing a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

Revolutionizing Content Editing with CKEditor 5

Key updates in Drupal 10.2 include the adoption of CKEditor 5, offering an improved content editing experience with features like in-place editing of links and images and enhanced copy-pasting from Word Documents or Google Docs. 

Easier customization

The theme customization process is streamlined, making it easier for developers to build new themes. Moreover, Drupal 10.2 enhances decoupled navigation and provides more flexible block and content management, including better control over block visibility based on response status.

Enhanced Performance and Developer Tools

Drupal 10.2 also focuses on performance, with features like BigPipe for faster page loading and support for WebP image format to reduce image sizes. The core of Drupal has been streamlined by moving some components to contributed projects, allowing for a more focused and efficient core system.

Streamlined Upgrade Path

For developers, Drupal 10.2 introduces a Deprecation Helper and supports PHP Fiber in the BigPipe module, aiding in the development of faster web pages with asynchronous operations. The configuration forms API is now directly compatible with configuration validation, simplifying form validation processes.

Upgrading to Drupal 10.2 varies depending on the starting version, with different paths for users upgrading from Drupal 7, 8, or 9. Each path requires specific steps to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version.

Overall, Drupal 10.2 represents a significant step forward in content management, offering a more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly experience for both site administrators and developers.

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