What Is Acquia Developer Studio?

Acquia Developer Studio is a collection of tools designed to simplify and streamline all building, testing and deploying processes in Drupal.

Or, here's another equally valid definition of this new product:

It's a command-line tool that provides developers with all the tools they need to build digital experiences in Drupal... fast. A handy toolbox that boosts their productivity.

In short: Acquia Dev Studio enables developers to get a Drupal application up and running — locally and in Acquia Cloud — in... no time.

It Provides You With...

1. A Browser-Based Remote Development Environment (IDE)

The integrated IDE “spoils” your Drupal developers with a browser-based UI that speeds up all those common setup tasks they handle in each new project.

Take it as a “cloudstation” for all your Drupal-related processes; one customized to each one of your different Drupal projects.

2. A Command Line Interface (CLI)

Storing +200 Acquia Cloud API commands and an entire toolbox, this CLI enables any Drupal developer to build a new Drupal 8 project within... a few minutes.

Just try to step into your developers' shoes: 

You have all those tools that you depend on for building, testing, and deploying your code   Acquia Pipelines, Lightnining, Landom BLT — conveniently at hand in one connected toolchain.

Why Would You Want to Use Acquia Developer Studio? 

Here's a quick empathy exercise for you:

Say you're one of the developers working on your current Drupal project. You're eager to implement those cool features that you have in mind, but as you delve in, you realize that there are some critical security patches to handle ASAP. Next, you need to address a software upgrade issue...

Not to mention that you constantly need to make sure that all those tools in your heavy toolbox — Drush, Composer, Git, etc. — work perfectly together.

How do you manage to speed up all the tedious, repetitive tasks that “kill” your enthusiasm and to focus more on the exciting, more rewarding ones instead?

Acquia Developer Studio: Why Use It?

Source: Acquia.com

On those that add true value to your project? 

How do you juggle with so many tools needed for getting any Drupal app up and running? With so many Drupal processes: building, testing, deploying, monitoring?

Well, you use the Acquia Developer Studio to streamline all the processes and automate all the... mundane tasks.

Acquia Developer Studio: automating mundane, repetitive tasks

Source: Acquia.com

Take it as your all-in-one-place suite of tools or your “productivity booster”. 

As a company, you'd want to use it because you'd:

  • cut down on your costs: the development cycle is shorter
  • gain more flexibility in customizing your products to your users' needs: with all your disparate tools centralized in one central ecosystem and all your processes significantly streamlined

And How Do You Install It?

It's as quick as entering the following command in your terminal window: 

https://downloads.acquia.studio/install-standalone.sh | bash

Then, provide the information for sudo access, next just carry out a few more easy steps indicated to you on the corresponding Acquia Docs page.

The END!

These are the answers to your legitimate “What” and “Why” questions regarding the Acquia Developer Studio.

How do you find these benefits? Are they relevant enough for your own developer workflow?

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay 


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