Toronto Raptors Insider

A Drupal 7-based fan community website for the Toronto Raptors' supporters that delivers... unique fan experiences in the form of exclusive content.

Various types of content:

  • special offers

  • insider-exclusive contests

  • latest news

  • short clips

  • fan-generated content

Interactive exclusive content meant to:

  • bring the fans closer to their supported Toronto basketball team

  • inform, entertain and engage them

Our client — Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) — worldwide-famous already for constantly reinventing the fan experience, assigned us with two main tasks:

  1. to ensure that the content provided on their new fan site would be seamlessly served across multiple user devices
  2. to handle the site's integration with all the third-party services and apps that content would be retrieved from

Requirements which, once met, would help them achieve their main goal: growing the team's fan base by delivering supporters an array of unique experiences beyond the playing field.

What We Did
  • developed the fan-community site from scratch, in Drupal 7; first, we built the custom architecture, then we developed and implemented all the needed components

  • managed to synchronize content between the Vimeo account and Drupal; the implemented solution is a forced manual update (purge all/fetch all feature)

  • integrated the website with Vimeo platform services; video content now gets pulled, directly from its source, via API

  • integrated it with the Janrain CIAM platform; the website now leverages a common user database, accessed by various MLSE applications and services

  • configured the Janrain workflow to be used on a multisite setup; this way, specific fields of the global Janrain user data object can get easily retrieved and updated

  • implemented token sign-in validation from a mobile application: users can migrate, with a single click login, from the fan site to the mobile app

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