Ready to discover 5 more world-famous brands that are tapping into Magento's capabilities — scalability, robust built-in features, high level of customization? 5 more high-trafficked online stores running on Magento?

From Seat to Canon, from Helly Hansen to Jaguar and NGC, here some of the globally-known companies “advocating” for Magento through their own e-commerce stores:

6. Helly Hansen          

10 Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento: Helly Hansen

The e-commerce website of the highly-reputed Norwegian manufacturer of textile and sports gear, trusted by professionals worldwide, is the perfect example of:

Globalization through localization...

And here's what I mean by that:

  • we're talking about an “ecosystem” of 30 online stores (of +30,000 products each)
  • 6 different languages
  • a unified look for the whole “cluster” of stores, yet the customer experience delivered on each store is highly personalized, with multi-language and multi-currency features implemented

See what I mean? 

We're talking about a worldwide retailer leveraging Magento's robust features to the full to:

  • provide its shoppers with multiple payment and shipping methods
  • make its product available in 19 different countries

Furthermore, Helly Hansen's Magento cloud project has been one of the most notorious ones back in 2016.

7. Sergio Rossi            

10 Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento: Sergio Rossi

Another one of those worldwide known online stores running on Magento. Sergio Rossi's leveraging Magento's full potential to:

  • “awe” its online customers with visually-striking, beautifully designed product pages
  • enrich their shopping experience with engaging features like the on-page “heel height” selector

8. Seat                          

10 Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento: Seat

The Spanish car manufacturer turned to Magento with some specific needs in mind: to deliver a fast and friction-free mobile experience to its young customers.

Luckily, Magento's perfectly equipped with mobile-responsive functionality, which bubbles up to the user experience provided on Seat's mobile version of the website:

  • fast-loading pages
  • a contrasting color palette that enhances readability
  • intuitive website navigation
  • efficiently structured and visually-appealing text blocks

9. Canon, One of the Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento

10 Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento: Canon              

Did you know that the Australian division of the giant brand of consumer and professional-level photography equipment faced quite a challenge when they decided to make their products available online, as well?

Well, they're currently running their e-store on Magento, which helps them deliver a feature-rich and highly interactive experience to their customers:

  • users can check products' compatibility, a critical feature particularly for amateur photographers 
  • in addition to the “bulky” product catalog, users can go through an impressive collection of photo books, helpful tutorials, useful reviews of specific products...
  • the services provided there include “immediate assistance”, as well, for anyone passionate about photography, who's thinking about... getting started and needs at least some sort of professional guidance
  • the cross-sell functionality integrated into their online store guides photography “enthusiasts” towards buying the perfectly compatible items

That, instead of leaving a beginner to deal with N types of lenses or N types of memory cards alone, trying to figure out which one's compatible with the items he/she's already selected/bought...

10. Jaguar and NGC    

10 Most Popular Online Stores Running on Magento: Jaguar

Did you know that the e-commerce website where customers could buy the first fully-electric Jaguar car was Magento-powered?

The giant automotive brand is capitalizing some of the platform's powerful capabilities to deliver a fully interactive experience to its users. And here, I'm thinking of the four-step progress bar available on their e-store, which allows customers to select:

  • their preferred model of electric Jaguar
  • their preferred design features

This way, they can witness the “birth” of their entirely-customed cars.

Where do you add that they get the price at every phase of the self-design cycle and that they get to select both the dealer and the payment method of choice, as well?

In short, the brand takes full advantage of Magento's high level of customization. Moreover, it transfers it to its own online customers, “tempting” them with multiple options and the chance to... design their own prototypes of Jaguar.

The END!

These are 10 of the worldwide-known online stores running on Magento.

10 giant brands tapping into this e-commerce platform to power their complex, feature-rich e-stores and to create some unique experiences for their online customers.

What other brands would you have added to the list?

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay


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