Why Magento 2 and not Shopify, WooCommerce, Joomla, BigCommerce, Volusion and the list of popular e-commerce platforms could go on? Why is Magento 2 the best choice for mobile commerce?

After all, they all provide responsive product pages design, right? 

Yes, but that's just the “tip of the iceberg”.There are lots of other factors to consider, as well, when striving to ensure your e-store's success on mobile:

  • the shopping cart
  • the checkout experience
  • the page load times (considering the high level of unpredictability specific to mobile connectivity)
  • the admin UI
  • the “manage your store on the go” functionality

… and so on.

Magento 2's built to meet all your mobile commerce-specific expectations, plus a few more.

Now, out of all the most obvious reasons why you should consider it as your platform of choice for your mobile e-store, we've selected the 7 most compelling ones:

1. Intuitive and Easier to Use Admin UI

A huge “leap” forward from Magento's discouragingly complex and confusing former admin panel.

How is it better?

  • it's cleaner
  • it's more (non-technical) user-friendly
  • it's easier to use 

Practically, in Magento 2 store admins are no longer dependent on developers for every little change they need to make in their online stores.

From finding precisely the tools they need to adding new product listings, admins can now perform all the common tasks in their dashboards much quicker.

2. A Simple Checkout Process: It Makes Magento 2 the Best Choice for Mobile Commerce

And this is that part of your mobile e-store that can make or break its reputation for good. 

A cumbersome, overly complex, lengthy checkout experience will only make your customers “run for the hills” and never come back to... pick up their abandoned carts (and maybe even spread the news about the frustrating checkout experience they had in your store).

Do you see my point here, right? This platform's simple, frictionless checkout process is directly responsible for the success of any e-commerce website using Magento 2.

3. All Magento 2 Themes and Templates Are Responsive by Default

Magento 2 comes jam-packed with free, responsive themes for you to just scan through, select from and use to deliver mobile-friendly shopping experiences.

That, of course, in addition to the always available options of:

  1. going with a third-party theme
  2. having a Magento 2 developer build a custom theme for you, from scratch, and to tailor it to your store's specific needs

4. Easy to Manage Your Magento 2 Store Right On Your Smartphone

Another enhancement that makes Magento 2 the best choice for mobile commerce. 

Just imagine that as a store admin you'll get to manage all its features:

  • catalog management features
  • CMS
  • SEO and marketing features
  • order management

on the go, right from your mobile phone, right from your admin panel.

And it's this type of convenience that turns Magento 2 into the most popular platform among e-commerce business owners.

5. Caching Capabilities

And you need to consider how unpredictable a mobile connectivity can get. 

Luckily, Magento 2's got your back: its catching capabilities are the “safety net” you need when your online store's visitors are facing issues of limited connectivity.

It supports Varnish Full Cache, which makes it easy for developers in your team to boost your Magento store's performance despite the internet connectivity's limitations.

6. Powerful Built-In Marketing Features 

Speaking of conveniences, Magento 2 provides you with a heavy load of robust marketing features right out of the box.

I'm talking here about:

  • visual merchandising
  • optimized product category pages 
  • sharing an email
  • drag and drop functionality
  • wishlist creation feature
  • customer segmentation

In short: all the modern features you could possibly think of for “fueling” your mobile marketing strategy with.

The END! 

What do you think, can these 6 reasons here stand for 6 clear answers to your question:

“What makes Magento 2 the best choice for mobile commerce?”

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