Let's just say that the default product review system in Magento 2 is... well... not 100% satisfactory for you. It does have its limitations; there might be some particular product reviewing and rating features that it can't provide you with. So, you start looking for an extension to compensate for this... inconvenience. But which one to go with? What is the most suitable Magento 2 product reviews extension for your own eCommerce store's needs?

And it takes just a brief scanning of the large “pile” of Magento 2 extensions to start experiencing choice overload:

How do you know which one's the best for your eStore? Which one suits your own idea of an “ideal” reviews system?

But what if we narrowed them down to 5 choices only? The 5 best Magento 2 review extensions to start your searches with:

But First: The “Ideal” Magento 2 Reviews System —  Main Characteristics

What features should the reviews system on your eStore have to meet all your expectations?

Let me guess:

  • reviews should be accompanied by the customers' real names, photos and maybe even a link to their social media accounts, as well
  • customers should be able to rate products on a “pros & cons” scale
  • the reviews section should be easily noticeable on page
  • the reviews system should empower you with the proper tools to use for encouraging customers to insert informative, relevant reviews only
  • … needless to add that the UI of the add review screen should be highly intuitive
  • the reviews should show product photos, as well
  • the reviews system would enable you, the admin, to easily sort product reviews by relevance/helpfulness

The Default Magento Product Reviews Feature: How Does It Work?

Before we delve right into the mini pile of Magento 2 product reviews extensions that I've prepared for you here, let's see:

How does the default reviews functionality work in Magento 2?

On the user's side, he/she writes down his review in the text description field popping up once he's rated the product from 1 to 5.

How the Default Magento 2 Product Review Feature Works on the User's Side

Whereas on the admin's side, you get to configure those ratings at Stores > Attributes > Rating, right in your Magento 2 admin dashboard.

How the Default Magento 2 Product Review Feature Works on the Admin's Side                                      

Images: Potatocommerce.com

The Advanced Review for Magento 2 Extension 

You cannot run your evaluation of the best rated Magento 2 product reviews extensions and skip this module here.

Why? Here are the top reasons for considering it:

  • it provides a detailed product reviews system, with pros and cons
  • it makes it possible for the published reviews to be rated as helpful/unhelpful
  • … and to be shared across social media networks, as well
  • it features review captcha and report reviews, helping you minimize the risk of fraud and spam
  • it boosts the product reviews system with custom rating values (quality, price and so on)

The Import/Export Product Reviews Extension 

A handy Magento 2 extension if you're “juggling with” multiple online stores.

Basically, it enables you to import/export product reviews from one eStore to another via CSV file. 

Note: while importing them, you, the admin, get to set their status using the CSV file

The extension's most valuable features:

  • it makes it possible for reviews to get transferred along with their titles and descriptions via CSV file
  • it supports a multi-store environment
  • it empowers you, the admin to approve/disapprove the submitted reviews

Magento 2 Review Booster: The Best Magento 2 Product Reviews Extension? 

Another product reviews and rating extension for Magento 2 that you shouldn't overlook while determining your best option.

And here are some of its main functionalities: 

  • pros and cons 
  • reviewing the written feedback's helpfulness
  • uploading images to product reviews
  • the possibility to “lure” customers with different discounts/coupons for reviewing the products they buy
  • review reminders
  • adding comments to product reviews
  • sorting product reviews by rating

The Magento 2 Product Reviews Extension 

Another extension that has the potential to get you closer to that “ideal” Magento 2 reviews system of yours.

Here's how precisely:

  • it enables customers to upload images of the product review form (no registration required)
  • it's ideally easy to install & manage
  • you get to integrate the product review functionality through a widget
  • you, the admin, get to review the uploaded images' widths & heights

The Magento 2 Review Reminder Extension  

Now, could you imagine the reviews system on your Magento 2 website without a powerful review reminder type of tool plugged in?

I didn't think so...

They make such handy tools to help you encourage customers, via email reminders, to post reviews for the products they've bought.

Now, here are the key features of this specific tool here, an essential Magento 2 product reviews extension:

  • targeting specific groups of customers that you'd send your email reminders to
  • sending automated reminder emails
  • using coupons to entice customers to share their first product reviews and even choosing its template
  • cleaning log records automatically, after a specific no. of days
  • setting up the right time for sending the first reminder email

The END! These are the 5 best Magento 2 review extensions to add to your shortlist and start your “research” with. 

  • feature-rich
  • powerful
  • easy to set up and customize on your side
  • easy to use on your customers' side

each module, taken separately, injects those product reviews functionalities into your store to help you enhance the built-in reviews system that the platform provides you with.


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