Investing in quality e-commerce solutions is a must in this current digital world. Consumers nowadays love having the option to shop for different products through online stores. Here at OPTASY, we deliver more than e-commerce solutions and development for businesses that want to scale.

Established in 2005, our team is a force to be wrecked with when it comes to development. We serve as the go-to agency for web development, web design, and digital strategy — the all-around team for success.

Because of the exceptional projects we’ve shared with our clients throughout the years, we’ve solidified our name in the Drupal industry. In fact, Clutch has recently ranked OPTASY as on its list of game-changing Drupal development companies in Canada.

As shown below, OPTASY also secures the second spot in Clutch Market Leader Matrix for Top Canada Drupal Development Firms. 


Cluctch Leaders Matrix

For better context, Clutch is an independent B2B reviews and ratings platform that helps millions of browsers find out more about reliable service providers. The site is known for publishing insightful content such as client reviews, agency shortlists, and thought leadership articles about different industries worldwide.

The esteemed game-changer rank can’t be earned by just any service providers. Firms that want to make it on the rank must showcase unmatched expertise, have spotless track record, and should strive to raise the bar in terms of quality.

We’re extremely grateful for the amazing reviews provided by our clients. Their incredible testimonials help prove that we’re worthy to be considered game-changers. If it weren’t for their trust, we wouldn’t be welcoming opportunities like this.

What our clients are saying about us

“We’re all happy to have chosen them. We would definitely choose them in the future and recommend them to any individual looking for a website that leads to conversions and conveys a message in a smart format. Their team performed well at every stage from the initial conversations to execution.” — Executive Director, Equal Opportunity Community Initiative

“They are incredibly responsive. OPTASY worked to keep us engaged with what was happening and make sure we understood all of the changes being made. We had input over every part of the process. It was very collaborative—they wanted to ensure that the final product was something that we were really happy with.” — Manager, International Affairs Company

Thank you so much to everyone who believed in OPTASY! We are genuinely honored to have you as our partners through the highs and lows.

Trust Optasy to be your partner in realizing your online ambitions. Reach out to us by dropping a line or ringing a call so we can discuss your project. 


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