The evolution of Drupal, the popular content management system, has reached a significant milestone as Drupal 9 approaches its end-of-life.

With the launch of Drupal 10, the community bids farewell to Drupal 9, which has served as a robust and reliable platform for countless websites.

In this article, we will explore the end of Drupal 9 and provide essential tips for successfully upgrading to Drupal 10.

The End of Drupal 9

Drupal 9, released in June 2020, brought substantial improvements and modernizations to the Drupal ecosystem. However, the Drupal community has set a clear EOL date for Drupal 9: November 2023. This means that after November 2023, Drupal 9 will no longer receive official support, updates, or security patches. Organizations and website owners are encouraged to migrate to Drupal 10 to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.

Why Upgrade to Drupal 10

Upgrading to Drupal 10 offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved Performance: Drupal 10 comes with optimized performance, offering faster page load times and enhanced caching capabilities. These improvements ensure a better user experience and higher website performance. 
  • Enhanced Security: Drupal 10 incorporates the latest security features and patches, providing a robust framework to safeguard your website against vulnerabilities and potential threats.
  • Modernized Technology Stack: Drupal 10 embraces the latest versions of underlying technologies, such as Symfony and Twig, ensuring compatibility and improved developer experience. It offers enhanced integrations and better support for future innovations.

Tips for a Smooth Upgrade to Drupal 10

Migrating to Drupal 10 requires careful planning and execution. Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Assess Your Current Drupal 9 Setup: Begin by evaluating your existing Drupal 9 installation. Take note of all custom modules, themes, and functionalities your website relies on. Identify any deprecated modules or code that will require updates or replacements in Drupal 10.
  • Review Drupal 10 Compatibility: Research the compatibility of your modules, themes, and custom code with Drupal 10. Ensure that all contributed modules and custom features have Drupal 10 versions or alternatives available. Consult the Drupal community, official documentation, and module maintainers for guidance.
  • Plan and Prioritize: Create a detailed migration plan, outlining the steps required for upgrading to Drupal 10. Prioritize critical modules and functionalities to minimize disruptions. Consider starting with a fresh installation of Drupal 10 and gradually migrating your content and configurations.
  • Engage the Drupal Community: Leverage the expertise of the Drupal community, including active user forums, local meetups, and online resources. Seek advice, share experiences, and collaborate with fellow Drupal developers who have already upgraded to Drupal 10.
  • Test and Debug: Thoroughly test your website after the upgrade to identify any issues or bugs. Perform comprehensive functional and compatibility tests, ensuring that all modules, themes, and custom functionalities work as intended. Debug and fix any problems before making the upgraded site live.
  • Train and Educate: Drupal 10 introduces new features and enhancements. Train your content creators, administrators, and developers on the latest version, highlighting the changes and benefits and providing documentation and resources to facilitate a smooth transition.

With Drupal 9 reaching its end of life, upgrading to Drupal 10 is essential to stay current with the latest advancements and security measures. By following these tips and engaging with the Drupal community, organizations can successfully transition to Drupal 10, harnessing its improved performance, enhanced security, and modernized technology stack. 


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