Drupal 10, the latest version of the most popular content management system Drupal is here.

The new release comes with a lot of improvements and features that will make your life easier as a developer or site owner.

"Drupal 10 includes many new features that appeal to developers and content creators alike. A stronger developer and site builder experience combined with easier content authoring and editing make this a key update for all users," says Dries Buytaert, Founder and Project Lead of Drupal. "The path from Drupal 9 to 10 is easier than ever, so we anticipate organizations will want to move to the latest version quickly to gain its benefits."

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the main benefits and features of Drupal 10.


Enhanced content editing experience

CK Editor 5 is the new rich-content editor for the new version of Drupal. It has lots of new features that will make creating content more accessible than ever before.

Drupal's popular web-building platform, Layout Builder, has been updated with some major changes. These changes include an improved user interface, which includes a new layout editor.

Managing large blocks of content in the sidebar can be difficult and confusing; that's why improving this user interface has been on the list of upgrades, and it makes managing layouts so much easier. 

There are also some enhancements to the Paste From Document feature. The new version of CKEditor boasts the ability to remove the extra markup that results from pasting from Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and it also automatically uploads images when pasting images copied from the clipboard instead of just inserting them into the page as tags.


Removed modules & improved content management experience

Built on the latest Symfony 6.2 version, Drupal 10 has removed redundant core modules, focusing on its foundational strengths. Regarding upgrading processes and tools, they are the same as the previous major release. Drupal 10 has the majority of its code changes automated and three times as many contributed extensions as the previous version.


New themes with better functionality

Claro theme is replacing the outdated Seven theme, which has been discouraged by giving the impression of an out-of-date site.

Drupal 10 has been built according to the latest standards and has been adapted to use the most recent features of this CMS.

The Olivero theme is Drupal 10's new front-end theme, and it was designed to harvest the new system's full capabilities.


Upgrading to Drupal 10

If you're currently using Drupal 7, you need to perform a full site migration to Drupal 9 or 10. It might sound overwhelming, but if you opt for a team of experts like Optasy to help you, you'll be in good hands. 

If your current version of Drupal is 8, then there’s no direct upgrade path to Drupal 10. You need to upgrade to Drupal 9 first.

Drupal 9 users need to take the following steps:

  • Perform an environment readiness check through the Upgrade Status Module.
  • Update any modules that need upgrading and use Drupal Rector to fix incompatibilities. Issues that can't be fixed automatically can be addressed manually using documentation.
  • Update Drupal Core to Drupal 10.  

Drupal 10 promises to deliver a faster, more secure, and more flexible website development experience. If you want to learn more about this new version or need advice regarding your migration, don't hesitate to contact Optasy


Photo credit: Unsplash.


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