8k TVs, companion and laundry folding robots, 5G smartphones, voice assistant for cars, foldable phones... This is CES 2019 — the world's largest electronics show taking place these days in Las Vegas — in just a few words...

Or, simply put:

A sneak peek into the future.

And there are more than 4000 CES 2019 exhibitors there, each one competing for its own sphere of influence over the future. For its right to set the new tech trends.

So, you can just imagine that:

  • sorting through all the announcements that companies leading the change will make about their future product releases
  • staying on top of all those critical “teasers” regarding the innovative technologies and exciting features that their devices will feature
  • “playing with” all the gadgets sprawled over the +2 million square feet exhibition hall

… can get overwhelming. 

And finding a straight answer to your legitimate question:

What is the hottest consumer technology device for 2019?

…  turns into a “mission impossible” sort of challenge.

Not to worry, though.

We've done our homework, scored the heavy-weighing offer and put together a selection of the most influential tech trends and the gadgets at CES 2019.

Of those gadgets with the highest potential to grow from far-out concepts to production-ready devices.

1. AR-VR-MR: The “Sideshow” Performers

AR/VR-enabled devices are present at the show, but they're far from taking center stage...

Especially as VR technology is concerned, CES 2019 doesn't seem to be that long-time awaited chance for it to “incarnate” into a truly remarkable consumer product.

Or at least into an extravagant, daring concept.

But let's not get too frustrated (again) and, instead, let's analyze 2 contestants for the title of “the best VR/AR-fueled device” at the 2019 international CES:

1.1. HTC Vive Pro

More of an upgraded version of the Vive VR headset, HTC's Vivre Pro comes with some significant features geared to provide a more realistic VR experience:

  • improved 3D audio
  • a separate wireless transmitter
  • 78% increase in screen resolution
  • noise-canceling microphones
  • improved design to make them sit more comfortably

1.2. Deepframe AR Window 

Augmented reality at scale. 

Just imagine this technology brought to a 65-inch 4k OLED! That's Deepframe.

The not-yet-for-consumers kind of display uses unique opticals reflecting life-sized digital elements over a physical space. With no VR eyewear on, the user emerges into a mixed reality world.

2. 5G-Enabled Phones: From Hype to Reality 

Have you been starting to lose your patience on the 5G networks “issue”?

For, let's face it:

It's been a while since all this 5G hype turned into... hope... next into even higher hopes, then... nothing.

We had already started fantasizing about:

  1. the extreme speed at which we would download the latest episodes of our top favorite TV series on our phones
  2. this networking technology turbocharging all our future VR experiences
  3. being free to go see a particular doctor... anywhere on the globe basically
  4. 5G enabling our cars to interact with our PCs, with our smart homes, with...

Luckily, at CES 2019 there's been clear evidence that companies are (finally) ready to take the charge and implement 5G into their devices.

2.1. Samsung's 5G Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy 10

The big absent from CES 2019 Las Vegas has been Samsung Galaxy 10.

Yet, from the company's CEO's press release we now know that:

  • it will be released this year “equipped with” 5G technology
  • … and 7nm chipsets, among other features
  • Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T will be its US carriers running 5G programs
  • FCC approved Samsung's intention to roll out 5G network this year

Note: another great news is that Motorola and OnePlus, too, are some 2 other giants planning to release 5G-enabled phones this year. We'll see which South Korean company will first reach the “finish line” with its own 5G-powered device.

3. Voice-Controlled Technology... for Cars

3.1. Speak's Music Muse: Alexa-Powered Voice Assistant for Cars

How about that! Bringing voice-controlled technology to your car...

And here's what this Oreo-sized device would enable you to do once you plug it into your car's USD port and connect it to your smartphone:

  • you get to use voice commands and ask for a weather report, play music
  • ... control your Alexa-powered devices at home (e.g. you could close your garage doors or turn off your front door light)
  • ... add items to your to-do list

And, most of all:

It comes with hands-free calling functionality.

4. AI Technology Is... Everywhere at CES 2019 

Artificial intelligence steals the spotlight at the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Here are just 2 of the AI marvels that stole our attention:

4.1. IBM 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

No other machine at the show 2019 International CES could rival this “beast” when it comes to calculations.

The uses that IBM had in mind for it? All those AI and machine learning-powered scenarios where huge volumes of data need to be crunched at super speed.

4.2. “Nervana Neural Network Processor for Inference” (NNP-I)

Intel and Facebook joined their forces to create a more affordable AI chip addressing companies with high workload demands.

When will it go from concept to product?

Sometime this year those “target” companies will be able to use NNP-I to accelerate inference and thus better cope with their workload challenge.

The END!

Back to you now:

What do you think about the tech trends and devices highlighted here? Do you predict that they'll turn into actual products this year? What have been your expectations from CES 2019?

And, most importantly: how does your wishlist of next-generation gadgets look like?

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash 


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