Out-of-the-box mobile-responsiveness”, “highly flexible, personalized content delivery”, “high page-load speed”, “multilingual capabilities” and the list of Drupal 8's cool features can go on...  

These are but some of the possible answers to your legitimate questions: “What's it in for me, a digital marketer?” or “What's in it for my online marketing team/s?” or “How can I turbocharge my marketing strategy with Drupal 8?” or “How will it supercharge my SEO efforts?”

Face it:
  • no framework comes optimized out-of-the-box
  • you need to enable your digital marketing team to grow independent from the IT department (time is money, after all or)
  • “just” an impeccably coded website, with a stunning, visually-appealing design, won't help you reach the conversion rate that you're dreaming of
  • you need to effectively reach out to your own target audience, which leads us to one of the present day's biggest digital marketing challenges: delivering hyper-personalized, segmented content (by audience), across all the available social media channels and devices out there.
Now that we've pointed out the main challenges that you're facing these days, as a marketer, let's find out how Drupal 8's marketing tools can help you overcome them:


1. Take Content Personalization To a Whole New Level

Personalization”, “hyper-personalized, relevant content” are the key “trendy” terms on every digital marketer's lips these days!
And on every Drupal web developer striving to do “the seemingly impossible”: personalizing the websites he/she builds, no matter how challenging this might sound.
Well, good news: Drupal 8's ready to provide you with the right tools for achieving this “mission impossible” type of goal!
Here's how:
  • it allows you to divide your audience into several customer segments
  • next, once you've gathered all the valuable data about each one of those sub-units, you get to craft the particular, personalized content relevant for each one of them
  • last, but definitely not least: you get to deliver your personalized content across all channels, all devices, in real-time
In conclusion: after it empowers you with segment-targeted data (and we'll talk about that, as well, in a future post on the Google Analytics module in Drupal 8), it also delivers you the right tools for actually leveraging that data. 
For turning it into the content featuring a high level of personalization that your website visitors actually expect to find on your site.

2. From a Mobile-Ready Mentality to a Mobile-First One

In other words: with Drupal 8 mobile responsiveness has leveled up from an add-on to a core functionality!
All of its core themes are responsive! This is probably one of the biggest leaps into the post-browser future that any framework out there has take so far! 
Considering this, it wouldn't be too bold to predict voice-based interactions to be implemented in Drupal 8 sooner than you expect! 
And there's more!
It's not just your Drupal 8 website's visitors that get to enjoy a mobile-authentic experience on your website, but you, too, get to benefit from its built-in mobile responsiveness feature. 
Your administrative interface, too, is mobile-optimized in Drupal 8!
In other words: you get to clear caches, produce and manage your content right from your own mobile device!

3. Simplified Content Creation, Management and Delivery 

Since content is still almighty king and, therefore, content marketing plays a key role in your digital marketing strategy handling your content easily and quickly is crucial for you, right?
Not to worry: Drupal 8's got your back! 
Its content-as-a-service functionality comes to streamline your whole content marketing plan: 
  • its WYSIWYG editor turns creating and editing content, directly on the web page, into a matter of point-and-click
  • its unified web-interface allows you to handle all your content-related tasks in one place and to easily deliver it across all channels and platforms (social media channelrs, web, mobile etc.)
  • it enables you to handle your content (whether it's creating/editing or delivering it)  on-the-go, right from your mobile device
  • you get to check, beforehand, how your content will look on various devices
  •  you get to scan through a whole collection of image size (alignment, shape) options 
  • lots of Drupla 7's add-on modules are now part of Drpal 8's core; and here we cannot help not mentioning Views, one of the most popular module enabling you to pick the format that you want for your content to be displayed in
Simplified” is the right word to describe the authoring experience in Drupal 8, don't you agree?

4. Build Your Global Presence With Drupal 8

Now you do realize that one couldn't possibly create hyper-personalized content without an efficient multilingual system to could rely on, right?
Good news: Drupal 8's ready to support your global presence!
It's ready to deliver you the tools that will help you speak all your users' languages. 

It makes territory-specific content creation a lot simpler.
But let's talk facts, shall we?
   1. the once just a partial and, moreover, a difficult to use translation-oriented support (think Drupal 7) has turned into a built-in multilingual system in Drupal 8
   2. it's not just the administration interface that you get to translate, but you can rely on Drupal 8's translator for links, titles and entire web pages on your website
    3. your visitors get to choose from a list of different languages that you'll provide on your Drupal 8 site
    4.  we're talking about “built-in” multilingual functionality: every component is translatable by default (and we're talking about 94 different languages available in Drupal 8 core)
In other words: with Drupal 8 it's easier than ever to... go global!      

5. Get Ready to Deliver Content at Top Speed 

If time is money and more conversions lead to more money, then we can as well say that: optimized page load time guarantees you... more earnings, right?
And it will also boost your website in rankings and it will implicitly help you improve the overall user experience on your site.
Luckily, Drupal 8 is built with high page load speed in mind!
Let us point out to you some of the major enhancements that have dramatically improved its performance from a page load time standpoint:
  1. it has tremendously improved caching: its relies on cache tags and on Cache Content API, which allows it to perform context-based caching
  2. it uses the “bigpipe technique”: the Bigpipe module, part of Drupal 8's core, will display the cachable/static content first and then the dynamic/uncachable content. Therefore, your web pages will load faster, while your visitors still get the latest version of your website
In conclusion: with its critical improvements, aimed at optimizing Drupal 8 at a page load time level, you'll get to deliver your hyper-personalized content at high speed!
Is this 5 arguments-pleading strong enough for supporting our statement that Drupal 8 is, indeed, any digital marketer's dream come true? It empowers him/her (no need of much technical expertise for turning any Drupal 8 website into a true “marketing-machine” of the future), it simplifies his overall authoring experience, streamlines the whole marketing team's workflow and it easily boost their SEO efforts, too.
Have we left anything out? 

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