Are you ready to upgrade your website with Drupal WxT? Or install it from scratch?

In this article, you'll find 12 easy steps to get this top-notch content management system up and running on your site. 

Perfect for government and public sector sites, Drupal WxT makes your website more accessible and multilingual-friendly. 

You can find more information about this distribution in the official documentation page

Stick with us through the guide, and you'll have Drupal WxT installed in no time.

Preparing for Your Drupal WxT Installation

Before diving in, you’ll need a few things in place:

  1. A web server such as Apache or Nginx.
  2. PHP and MySQL must be installed and operational.
  3. Drush (suggested, but handy for command-line fans).

Remember, the GitHub repository is a mirror of the official project hosted on, so you can use Composer for a basic dev install and pull all the necessary components.

As Drupal WxT is a Drupal distribution, the official guide for Drupal system requirements will apply.

Installation Walkthrough

Database Setup

  • Initiate Your Database: Launch your database management system (e.g., phpMyAdmin) and create a fresh database for Drupal.
  • Grant Privileges: Ensure a user is assigned to this database with all necessary permissions.

Installation Script

Please note that composer is required for the installation and updating of Drupal WxT.


Run this command and replace DIRECTORY with the directory of your choice this is where WxT will be installed:


composer self-update

composer create-project drupalwxt/site-wxt:9.5.x-dev <site-name> --no-interaction


If you want to install the latest D10 compatible WxT release, replace 9.5.x-dev with 5.0.1


  • Access Your Site: Point your browser to your domain or localhost path, where you’ll see the Drupal setup wizard.
  • Select Profile: On the installation page, pick the WxT profile and move forward:

  • Verify system requirements:

Database Configuration

  • Fill in Details: Input your database name, user, and password from earlier steps. Usually, your host will be 'localhost'.

  • Save Settings: Confirm your details and click "Save and continue".

The installation profile will download and apply the translations needed for the Drupal Core/Contrib modules:

Site Configuration

  • Customize Your Site: Input your site’s name, admin credentials, email, and timezone, then continue.

Enable Features and Themes

  • Activate WxT: In the Profile admin dashboard, under modules, turn on the specific WxT features you want, you can also select which modules you want to enable during the installation process

Or you can enable all the extensions at one time:

Once installed, you can proceed with the configuration of the WxT components (Theme setup, WxT library configuration)

  • Theme Setup: Go to the appearance section, find the WxT theme, set it as default, and personalize as needed.

Post-Installation Steps

  • Clean URLs and Cron Jobs: Establish clean URLs for a neater look and set up cron jobs for automated tasks.
  • Optimize Performance: Look at caching options to speed up your site.
  • Maintenance Routine: Regularly update modules and check for security updates to keep your site in top shape.

Sub-theming and Customization

Creating a sub-theme is vital for customization without altering the base theme. This approach allows for unique design changes while maintaining the integrity of the core WxT theme.

Node and Modern Tools

Make sure Node.js is installed for theme development. It’s essential for compiling Sass if you're diving into advanced theming. 

For Drupal commands, ensure you have the modern Drush 12 setup integrated with your site's infrastructure to streamline your development workflow. Drush is available as a 'dev' composer built from the Profiles Composer base.

Wrapping Up

With Drupal WxT installed, your site is not just ready; it's set to be a beacon of accessibility and user engagement in the digital governance space. 

Delve into the myriad of WxT features and maximize the potential of your newly upgraded platform. 


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