Creating web content and deploying it on a plethora of:

  • platforms
  • devices (both modern desktops and mobile browsers)
  • … of different screen sizes
  • … and running different operating systems
  • web browsers
  • markets 

… sure has “Mission: Impossible” written all over it, doesn't it? And this is precisely how your business will benefit from using HTML 5: it's been adapted specifically to help you turn all the above-mentioned challenges into... benefits.

It's the formatting language that you can use to:

  1. design rich media web pages/mobile web applications to... entice your users with
  2. implement them (your websites/web-based mobile apps), seamlessly, on all platforms, notwithstanding layout, design and functionality restrictions

This being said, let's get into it!

Let's point out the 10 challenges which you're currently facing, as a business striving to stand still on in the “shifting sands” of the digital web of today. Challenges which HTML 5's built to turn into key advantages for you:

1. Cross-Device Mobile App Development: It Reduces Costs and Development Time

In short, here's how your business will benefit from using HTML 5: 

  • your development team can write code once and use it as... many times as needed (the very same batch of code) on several markets, devices and platforms
  • this cannot but translate into: lower lifetime cost and reduced maintenance costs, too, obviously

How about investing those “spared” resources of time, money and effort... elsewhere?

2. It Turns Offline Browsing From a Challenge Into an Offline-Cache Web Experience

Another great “app-like” behavior that HTML 5 adopts is that of running without internet connection.

That's right, practically your HTML 5 web pages' code and content get stored via the offline application cache. This way, you can guarantee your business website's visitors a great web experience even while they're ... offline.

Note: locally storing content and code (and client-side data in true SQL database) will not impact just the user experience, but your website's/app's performance, as well. Basically, offline cache makes possible for code and content to be accessed rapidly, locally, in a “no internet connection” context.

3. Better Mobile Access Translates Into Better Access to Business Intelligence 

Just a moment (or two) of reflection on these 2 scenarios here:

  1. you ask your team to either use the very same type of device, all of them, or to develop one business intelligence app for each and every type of device there is out there
  2. you use HTML 5 for developing one business intelligence app which will collect, collate and use data on all types of devices, by leveraging browser-based analytics tools

And this is another way that your business will benefit from using HTML 5!

It's nothing but pure logic after all: since all devices run an HTML 5-compatible browser, your future business intelligence app will run smoothly on... them all!

4. Video Content Is King Now: Luckily HTML 5 Comes With Native Video Support 

Just imagine: you get to build your video content right there, in the supporting browser!

No plug-ins required!

This can only translate into: faster video distribution to all targeted platforms!

How about using the time you'll gain for crafting high-quality video content that will bring you both the targeted audience and SEO on your side?

5. It Makes Front-End App Development a... Breeze

What is it that you're “cooking” (or planning to) in terms of front-end apps?

Some drag and drop tools? Or maybe some discussion boards? Some wikis?

No matter what type of front-end apps you might have in plan, with its standards and all its new features HTML 5 makes their development quicker and easier. 

So, how will you value the extra time that your business will benefit from using HTML 5?

6. Here's How You Will Benefit from Using HTML 5: It's Operating System-Agnostic

“No strings attached”, here's another possible way of defining HTML 5.

For although its runs in a web browser, it's not dependent on the underlying operating system.

How does this translate into a key benefit for your own business? Practically while developing your apps you won't need to:

  • get tangled up in complex, time-consuming development processes
  • get dragged down by support overhead
  • … like it's the case with native apps (iOS, Blackberry, Android) 

7. It Turns The Challenge of Cleanly Structuring Your Web Page Into an SEO Advantage 

Clean(er), neat(er) and semantically valuable code! This is how you could best describe the “backbone” of an HTML 5 web page.

And this is precisely the type of easy-to-read, logical structure that search engine robots “enjoy” crawling through. 

Bottom line: gaining search engine visibility is how your online business will benefit from using HTML 5!

8. Running Your Web Pages/Web Apps on ALL Browsers Is No Longer an Issue With HTML 5

It looks like “all the roads lead to” our preliminary definition of HTML 5: “Write once, run anywhere.”

By implementing HTML 5 and leveraging the capabilities of CSS 3 your design team can easily create a business website/web app that will run on ALL browsers.  

9. It Improves User Experience Via Multimedia and Graphical Content-Rich Web Pages

And it's precisely rich-media web pages that create .. enriched web user experiences, right?

Luckily HTML 5 makes adding animations, SVG content, audio content, charts, visually-arresting graphics (and the list of design and media types can go on and on) such a breeze.

Providing your developers with features such as “<video”, <audio>” etc., they can easily integrate media files into your web pages. Enriched web user experiences... crafted with great ease!

10. It Turns Location-Based App Development from a Challenge into an... Advantage 

If it's a location-based app/services that you're planning to develop, then here's how your business will benefit from using HTML 5: since it supports geolocation, APIs will make the user's location available to any browser-based app compatible with HTML 5.

As simple as that!

And this is where our list of 10 benefits that you can “reap” from implementing HTML 5 when developing your business website/web-based mobile app. Would you add some more? Or maybe some limitations/downfalls?


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