Drupal 7 to 10 Migration Webinar

A Journey to Enhanced Performance

About the Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar diving into the transformative journey from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. Discover the latest innovations, enhanced features, and expert insights to keep your website at the forefront of digital experiences.

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scott-carptenter Webinar by OPTASY
Scott Carpenter PHP/Drupal Developer
PHP/Drupal Developer
Experienced PHP (20+ yrs) & Drupal developer with 15+ years crafting seamless web applications and elevating UI/UX. Expert in delivering robust, scalable systems with a focus on accessibility and usability.
Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 Migration Webinar by OPTASY
Daniel Rodriguez
Full-Stack Drupal Developer
Full Stack Web Developer in the Drupal world for 15+ years while being an expert in Linux SysAdmin.

What’s Covered in This Webinar

Introduction & Overview
Why Migrate to Drupal 10
Exploring the benefits of Drupal 10 for your website.
Migration Timeline and Preparation
Navigating the structured path to Drupal 10.
How Optasy Can Help
Leveraging Optasy's expertise for a seamless transition.
Closing & Key takeaways


Why should I migrate to Drupal 10?

Discover the latest features and enhanced performance.

How long will the webinar last?

Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

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