But Why HTML5?

Multiple platforms/browsers/devices-same web development solution”! This would be our very first answer to your more than legitimate question. But not the only one!

HTML5 is an “overwhelmingly” flexible web development technology supported by all major browsers. In addition to this, it's also a feature-packed one that will help you achieve multiple goals at once:

  • optimized user experience
  • enhanced performance
  • lower production and marketing costs.
Now if we are to put together a list with all the key reasons why HTML5 has become both developers' and future-oriented companies' favorite web technology, it would have to look something like this:

  • cross browser and cross-platform support
  • it powers cross-platform mobile app solutions, therefore reducing marketing costs significantly
  • it involves one single development process for all mobile platforms: a huge impact on your budget and time
  • it's been designed with multimedia necessities in mind: it supports music files, animations, drawings, canvas tags etc. on mobile devices
  • increased speed: an HTML5-based interface loads its elements a lot quicker
  • richer UI elements
  • smooth user experience, comparable to the one that desktop apps provide
  • it lifts the “burden” of installing the very same app on multiple device platforms off the users' shoulders

Summing up: HTML5, boosted by some equally innovative web techs (such as CSS3) empowers developers to build sleek and modern mobile websites and mobile apps that your users can access from any device, any browser, any platform.

Functionality and convenience!

Our HTML5 Web Development Services       

We develop feature-loaded, high-performance web and mobile experiences in HTML5!

That's what we do, if we are to resume our services and HTML5 web solutions in  just a phrase.

Now if we are to detail them a bit, this is precisely how we can leverage our HTML5 expertise for turning your web development project into a success story:

  • HTML5 web development and web design (an object-oriented approach to web design)
  • HTML5 web and mobile apps development: rich in functionality and featuring custom, highly interactive user interfaces
  • solid QA testing before launch
  • redesigning HTML5 websites, giving them a more sleek and modern look and feel
  • HTML5-oriented consulting services

Why Us?


That's right: why should you choose OPTASY's team of HTML5 developers and designers after all?

Since there are plenty of other technical savvy and well-experienced teams of HTML5 website and web app developers out there capable to deliver you THE suitable end-to-end web development solution to your project.

In this respect, let us give you some ”hints” on what sets us apart, letting you be the judge of whether we'd “make a great match” of not:

  • we've been fostering a client-focused approach here, at OPTASY: communication and transparency in our relations with our clients are, for us, as valuable as our HTML5 experience and our expertise; by Skype, chat, phone, email or others means of communication we'll stay connected throughout the entire development process!
  • in this respect, the “We're the experts, we know better what you need than you do!” mentality doesn't define us; instead, we're always to “boast with” our “reputation” as great listeners; we'll listen to your requirements and adapt our delivered HTML5 solutions to them and not the other way round
  • our own “toolbox”, aimed at speeding up the HTML5 web development process that we carry out, includes technologies and tools such as SproutCore, AngularJS, Ember.js., PhoneGap
  • we're all into the agile delivery methodology
  • we'll be “fueling” your HTML5 web development projects with our CSS3 and JavaScript expertise, as well

Do you have a HTML5 web project in mind? Feel free to put our reputation as great listeners to the test then. We're ready to take note of your specific requirements, particular business needs and expectations!


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