But Why Hadoop?

"Because your data processing needs are getting too challenging  for a classic warehouse storage solution." Or " 'cause your data's too priceless for you to take even the slightest risk of losing it.

Are these reasons strong enough for considering this open-source data storage platform and Java-powered programming framework as your new big data management solution?

Very unlikely, if it's still not clear to you how precisely Hadoop Apache approaches the whole storing, processing and analyzing data process, right? If it's still not clear to you what makes it such an innovative data management technology.

Therefore, let us outline your future benefits for using Hadoop as your storage platform:

  • It simultaneously processes massive amounts of data sets stored not on a single high performance computer, but in several (hundreds or even thousands) computing nodes working in parallel. And it's precisely this functionality, to distributively process heavy loads of data, that sets it apart from classic data management solutions.
  • Operating data distributed across several clusters of commodity storage and servers, at distance apart, not only that turns it into a cost-effective big data solution, but into a risk-minimizing one, as well. The whole “constellation of computing nodes operating in parallel take the risk of complete system failure, downtime or sudden data loss, out of the equation. And that even if some of these nodes won't function properly at some point.
  • Speaking of reducing costs, when it comes to storing huge amounts of data: practically your overload of data gets stored and processed across multiple inexpensive servers working simultaneously. No you do the math!
  • It turns operating petabytes of data into a matter of... just a few hours
  • It grants you always-on performance and availability! You'll get zero downtime, whether we're talking about a data migration or a data replication scenario, thanks to its automated recovery feature activated in case of an unexpected downtime
To sum up: if your organization deals with large scale data storing, processing and analyzing challenges, then Hadoop is the answer to your “What big data solution is up for the task(s)?” question.

Our Hadoop Consulting and Development Services

Our Hadoop-powered services set the difference between “just” storing massive loads of data in Hadoop and strategically storing it. See the difference?

And they all have the same goal: fitting Hadoop into your organization's specific analytic strategy!

Or, in other words: from installation, to architecture, to configuration and optimization, our team of Hadoop engineers and administrators will, in fact, help you to effectively use this technology! So that you can turn your own data into value, to make it work for you, irrespective of its “intimidating” volume.

Now, maybe you're curious what type services and solutions we can deliver you, precisely, as your Hadoop partner:

Hadoop Consulting

It's that phase of our collaboration when we sit down and identify specific use cases for Hadoop data storage solutions within your organization. When we take note of your own business data management requirements and objectives and analyse your current data environment, as well.

It's now that we're striving to anticipate the impact of adopting such a technology within your company.

Next, we'll work closely with your team for drafting and then establishing the big data strategy and the best practices for your them to adopt for reaching the goals we will have defined by now.

It's at this stage that our consultants will assist you with the “piling up” of your heavy load of data, stored in various sources.

Hadoop Design & Architecture

At this point we're ready to design for you that system architecture that should support each use case of Hadoop within your organization. That should seamlessly scale to your company's (present and future) high volume of data processing needs.

Moreover, the Hadoop-powered infrastructure that we'll design will need to easily integrate with other systems, as well.

A significant “cluster” of challenges for many IT departments, yet nothing but a driving force for our team of big data Hadoop architects!

Hadoop Configuring

Let us get our hands dirty in configuring Hadoop for you! It sure is a “nasty job”,  since configuring access can discourage even the most experienced Hadoop developers, but not for us.

Hadoop Implementation and Migration

We're ready to lift the heavy burden of cautiously moving your massive loads of valuable data from one distribution to another off your shoulders!

Expect a two-steps process:

1. assessing your current environment

 2. installing (and configuring) the preferred Hadoop distribution for your data infrastructure

Hadoop Deployment Services

From planning it, to configuring, to installing and then running your own Apache Hadoop deployment, we're here to help you achieve your main objective: turning your data into business value!

Hadoop Maintenance & Support

It's no “mission accomplished” for us as soon as your Hadoop-powered platform runs smoothly. No sir! Our developers, analysts and administrators will (still) “stick to” your  team!

Our Hadoop experts will be training them how to properly evaluate your environment, they'll be teaching them the best practices to adopt for constantly optimizing your Hadoop deployment.

And it's not just training that we provide, but proactive maintenance, as well!

We will be closely monitoring your Hadoop deployment's health, constantly seeking ways to improve its performance and to fine-tune your cluster.

Why Us?

Well, first of all: “'cause we have the knowledge and the know-how to offer you end-to-end data management solutions!

From the very first evaluation phase, to installation, architecture, configuration and continuous optimization, we can deliver you with a whole custom-fit toolkit of Hadoop services!

And there's more!

We're not just a team of people passionate and overly excited about the Hadoop ecosystem: we're a team of certified Hadoop experts experienced in data warehousing principals, data management and infrastructure architecture.

Moreover, our teams we'll be working side-by-side, from evaluation phase up to production-ready phase. From the pilot Hadoop development project, to the pilot cluster, to the step where we deliver the full documentation on all the key procedures to be performed within your company, our 2 teams we'll “stick together”.

Now, do you think you “can handle” such a commitment?

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