But Why Alfresco?

'Cause the "deluge" of content generated across your enterprise, on a daily basis, is getting increasingly challenging to manage and to synchronize."

Is this reason strong enough for you? OK, maybe it just solves your "to ECM or not to ECM (enterprise content management)?", dilemma, but still: "Why Alfresco?"

Because it's the ideal mix of innovation (being an open-source technology) and enterprise-class stability!

So, not only that you get to easily customize it to fit your unique business needs and you're cutting down costs, but you get to benefit from enterprise-specific content management functionalities, as well:

  • document management
  • revision control
  • workflow processes
  • collaboration
  • web content management
  • image management
  • knowledge management
In short: if you want to take full control of the massive load of content being generated within your organization on a daily basis, in cloud or across on-premise repositories, Alfresco's the modern ECM platform to go for!

And since adopting a new technology is always a “painful” process, here are some advantages of using Alfresco as your future ECM platform:
  • It's highly scalable (and fault tolerant, too), it's built to fit any size, any content management needs. Therefore, you get to start small and dream big! This platform's powered to handle on average over 100 million content assets (per enterprise) and multiple users with zero downtime.
  • It offers you unique cloud-based solutions: Alfresco in the Cloud enables you to effortlessly and safely access your content from anywhere: your PC at work or at home, your mobile device, you name it
  • It's open source and you do guess what this means, don't you? It's cost-effective, it's customizable via open source and you always get the guarantee that it runs on the best-of-breed technology, thanks to the community of contributors constantly improving it.
  • It's open standard-based meaning that it can get seamlessly integrated into your enterprise's current content management system (using WebDay or REST) and that it's highly accessible (via desktop, email, web etc)
  • It comes “equipped” with more-than-useful pre-built apps: web content management, documents, records
  • It supports searching: it uses Yohoo-like and Google-like folder browsing
  • You get to roll it out quick and easy and start leveraging its open source power right away

Our Alfresco Development Services

But before we go on “showing off” our full suite of Alfresco-powered services and solutions, you might be wondering how they can benefit you, precisely.

It's simple: we're striving to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy THAT content management solution that will help you easily manage your:

  • content
  • search
  • collaboration needs

And here are the steps that we'll take for putting together your future Alfresco-based content management solution:

Consulting, Planning and Business Analysis

This is where we'll analyze, advise, guide, establish the key requirements and put together the project schedule.

This is the step where key decisions will be taken, so we'll make sure that you'll take only informed decisions. We'll be:

  • pointing out to you which is the most suitable information architecture to adopt
  • offer you full guidance for adopting the right technologies and business processes

In a nutshell: we'll advise you on the resources needed for implementing all the desired functionalities into your Alfresco-based content management solution.

It's only then that we can establish the requirements.

Next, our project manager will work closely with your on the future project schedule, that will automatically include some crucial review points, as well.

Alfresco Solution Design and Architecture

And so it looks like we've reached the phase where an OPTASY Alfresco architect, along with other members of our team, we'll be designing your Alfresco-based ESM solution. Their list of tasks includes:

  • content model
  • information architecture
  • security model
  • collaboration flows and structure
  • custom workflows
Interface Design

Here's where our team will be doing some “investigation work” once again, asking all the key project stakeholders all the right questions.

What for? Well, for getting an in-depth understating of all the business processes involved so they can craft the most accessible, intuitive interface for all those people in your enterprise who'll be using your new Alfresco ECM system.

Alfresco Implementation and Customization

Here we are, ready to tackle one of the crucial steps listed in our project schedule: implementing and customizing your Alfresco-based ECM!

Stay assured: our team's rich hands-on experience in Alfresco implementation into different organizations' IT environments and in customizing Alfresco ECM solutions is our best business card!

Alfresco Integration and Migration

Now what's the point in implementing an Alfresco-powered content management system if it does not integrate all your crucial 3rd party applications and favorite tools, right?

Here is where we'll come in to seamlessly integrate your active directory, your document imaging & processing, CRM, ERP, your portals and the list can go on.

And since installing and custom-fitting such a platform without actually migrating all your content to it, as well, would be pointless, this is the step where we'll be cautiously switching it over to Alfresco. 

Collaboration & Process Management

You have the needs (sure you have them!), we have the hands-on experience in leveraging Alfresco's functionality for helping you meet them!

In other words: we can implement those custom business processes and document workflows critical for your organization!

Alfresco Support

We have the skills, the expertise and the experience to provide you with a full suite of support and consultancy services:

  • assistance in evaluation and assessment
  • all the needed support for deployment and implementation
  • support in implementing key, organization-specific business processes

Why Us?

The strongest reason would be that: we're not experienced only in leveraging Alfresco platform's power, we know content management inside out! Across multiple industries and multiple platforms!

In addition to that, we have the know-how and the experience not just to implement “an” Alfresco-based ECM system, but your ECM system. Meaning that we'll be customizing it to your needs and requirements, working both at the configuration and at the API level.

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