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We're back, as promised in our yesterday's post, with the other 6 reasons (from our list of 11) why you should inaugurate 2017 by starting your business blog. One that will give a major boost to all the digital marketing efforts concentrated on your company's website and on your social media channels!
As above mentioned, your primary goal, when you start a company blog, is not to make your sales “explode”, but: to build trust. If your customers come to trust your business blog, then they'll get to trust your company, too, and it's only as that point of the lifecycle that they'll buy your products or become willing to try your services.
It's a “healthy” mindset that you should have when your start your company blog: build trust first (through quality content that adds value to your users' lives), then you'll gain credibility, then you'll earn your authoritative voice in your niche and it's only then that: your conversion rates will improve!
Now let's cut it short and let us reveal to you the other 6 more reasons (in addition to the 5 ones presented to you in our previous post) why you should start a company blog. Reasons that we, as a web development company in Toronto, are always presenting and detailing to our customers before we start working on their web projects.

6. It Helps You Develop An Authoritative Voice 

Authority goes hand in hand with trustworthiness!
It's quite logical, if you come to think of it: 
  1. you strive to post only high-quality content on your company blog, to bring value to your readers' lives just through that specific content (we don't bring in your products/services in the equation, not just yet)
  2.  thus you'll become trustworthy in your readers' minds
  3. and they'll turn from readers who will have already benefited from the value added to your blog content to customers eager to enjoy the benefits of your products/services, as well.
Don't you think it's one of the best strategies for any future-driven entrepreneur? Invest now (in your blog) and you'll thank yourself later!
“Later” you will have already become an authority in your niche, a go-to authority for your customers, you'll become trustworthy (trustworthiness: your ultimate source of leads) and you will have won them over.
And yet: turning this possible scenario into reality does require considerable resources of time, expertise and creativity for crafting your high quality pieces of content posted on your business blog.
We won't hide it from you: it will take you plenty of time and work for making your blog work for you!

7. It Connects You With Influencers In Your Niche

Quality content doesn't attract “just” potential future customers, but experts in your niche, as well!
You never know who might land on your blog and what influencer in your field your posts might leave a great impression on!
And you never know what fruitful collaborations and great business opportunities might derive from those “decisive visits” on your company blog!

8. It Boosts Your Conversion Rates

A rule of thumb: once you've started a company blog, you need to keep it constantly updated!
You either stick to a content publishing plan or you'd better not start your blog in the first place. 
How come? Since it's not just valuable content that will help you build trust and then brand loyalty, as well, but consistency, too.
And trust is what will bring you those conversion rates that you've been dreaming about!

9. It Turns Your Brand Into a Go-To Source of Value 

What's in it for your reader? What will he/she get out of your posted article?
These are the key questions you should ask yourself each time you've completed a piece of content! If you can't actually come up with an answer quickly enough, then you should go back and rewrite your piece of content or write a brand new one instead.
One that should:
  • inform
  • educate
  • entertain 
… your readers (ideally it should reach all these 3 goals).
You don't just pass on (any) information. You first decide whether it will be helpful for your readers, whether the way you'll write about it will bring added value to their lives. 
It's that added value that you'll provide that will help you build your online presence, your influence in your niche and, eventually, the “aura” of a trustworthy brand, which will translate into better conversion rates.

10. It Generates More Leads

Now here's another “more than obvious” type of reasoning: the more pages you have on your Drupal website, the more chances you have to collect leads! 
Logical, right? 
Now consider your future company blog: more blog posts means more pages, which inevitably means more chances for you to insert email opt-ins, quote requests, form submissions and so on.
Why should you leave money on the table when you can actually earn them through your business blog?

11. It Makes a Great Frame for Showcasing Your Discounts

Let's delve deeper into the future of your (future) company blog, after it has been fully fledged with high-quality content, after it has helped you build a wide community of loyal readers/customers around your brand. Now it's the perfect time to turn your blog into a frame for showcasing your promotional material.
Having a loyal audience who not only that constantly reads your blog posts, but buys your products/services, as well, offers you the chance to post your promotions and discounts on your blog. It's the right channel where you connect with your loyal customers, so why not get the most out of it?
Still, make sure you don't push it, that you don't overload your blog with promotional material, eitherwise you'll witness the boomerang effect: the more you'll “annoy” your readers/customers with your promotions, the less loyal they'll become to your brand!
In other words: why should you rely exclusively on your social media channels for “shouting” your discounts, when you can use your (future) popular blog? This way you'll automatically attract readers on your Drupal website, where the discounted products/services are, thus streamlining the whole online purchase process.
These are our 11 answers to your legitimate question: “Why should I even bother to start a company blog?”.
If you're still hesitant, we're looking forward to read all about your objections in the comments here bellow. If, on the contrary, you have some more reasons to add to our list, feel free to share!

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