"Our goal is to have you relax and know that your tax and regulatory compliance are on cruise control." Just mind you don't... relax too much, as one of Capex CPA's clients, for you risk waking up to a brutal reality: huge payroll year-end mistakes.

It's your choice:

  1. you learn from our immense mistake of hiring this Chartered Professional Accounting firm Brampton
  2. you knowingly expose your company's accounts to a level of incompetence that's... off the charts

Until here, I might sound to you just like another revengeful former client of a Chartered Professional Accounting firm in Mississauga, am I right?

Especially since it's one of the 5-star teams of Chartered Professional Accountants that I'm referring to. A highly reputed, high ranked Chartered Professional Accounting firm in Toronto according to its clients' reviews. 

Well, we've already taken the "reputation" bait, ourselves, so... we get you:

The impeccable reputation forms a thick concrete wall around this team of Brampton Accountants, hiding their incompetence from the public eye.

But now, let's talk facts. Real facts, shall we?

Here are the reasons why we decided to fire our accountants, Capex Brampton, after no less than... 11 months, during which we "relaxed, knowing that your tax and regulatory compliance were on cruise control":

1. Capex CPA Bampton Got Our Payroll Wrong... 3 Times in a Month

Why We Fired Capex CPA: 5 (More Than) Legitimate  Reasons

Just make sure you don't rely... blindly on their "experienced and professional staff", for, unfortunately, they live by this motto:

Practice makes it perfect.

Well, in the case of our payroll it didn't make it perfect. It was all wrong, every single time.

We're talking here about a team of Chartered Professional Accountants in Toronto who's repeatedly provided us with the wrong payroll 3 times during the same month.

3 might be a magic number for some, at least in fairytales, but it did not guarantee us any... happy ending.

They "stubbornly" tested our patience and just... shocked us with their incompetence, which is, we have to admit: out of this world!

2. They Overlooked the Fact that Our Funds Were Both in CAD and USD 

Why We Fired Capex CPA: 5 (More Than) Legitimate Reasons

And we're talking about a Chartered Professional Accounting firm who has been having access to OPTASY's accounts for... 11 months.

This was, indeed, a masterpiece of incompetence mixed with... an overdose of irresponsibility.

But hey, who needs responsible and accountable... accountants, right?

We just need to... "relax knowing that our tax and regulatory compliance are on a... cruise".

Now, there are at least 3 different answers to our legitimate question: 

How could this team of Chartered Professional Accountants Mississauga, one with an irreproachable reputation, not see, while managing our accounts for 11 months, that there were 2 different currencies in there? Both CAD and USD...

  1. they're shockingly incompetent (sorry, but it seems to be the keyword of this blog post)
  2. they're dangerously negligent: they just didn't care what currencies the funds in our accounts were... USD, CAD... potato, patato
  3. they knowingly neglected even their very basic responsibilities as a team of Toronto accountants

Pick any answer or pick them all. There's no wrong one here.

3. They Exposed Us to the Risk of Not Being Able to Pay Our Year-End Taxes

The blunders of this Chartered Professional Accounting firm Mississauga kept piling up till we ended up with a year-end payroll filled with mistakes.

We had no other chance but to quickly replace this CPA in Brampton with a professional ("truly" professional) to address all the serious issues in our accounts, so we could go ahead and pay our taxes.

"Irresponsible" is a too soft term to define their work as our Chartered Professional Accountants Brampton over these 11 months.

4. They Demonstrated Their.... "Professionalism" By Claiming for More Money to Fix Their Own Mistakes

"Mistake is human", right? We, too, as a Drupal firm, make mistakes when working on our clients projects. 

But how would you call a long sequence of mistakes? Complacency or pure incompetence?

And fixing one's mistakes is... human dignity, isn't it?

Not the case of Capex CPA, who's genuinely replied, when we asked them to address the issues they had caused:

"5k is not enough money to do the work..."

The "work" here being that of fixing the mistakes they, themselves, kept doing throughout the year as the accountants handling our business tax in Toronto.

How would you call that?

Dishonesty, untrustworthiness, lack of a minimal sense of responsibility for one's actions.

And we're referring here to a team of accountants handling Corporate tax Toronto. Accountants! 

So-called "professionals" that deal with:

  • Real Estate tax in Brampton
  • Business Tax Brampton
  • Corporate tax

... on behalf of their clients. 

To whom we gave free access to our companies' accounts.

In return, after they made not one, but several mistakes while doing our bookkeeping and payroll and we dared to ask them to... clean up their mess, all we got from this "professional" accounting firm handling Corporate tax Brampton was an:


And a: "Sorry, but there'll be an extra charge if you want us to... fix our mistakes, as well."

Why We Fired Capex CPA: 5 (More Than) Legitimate Reasons

Now, we'd appreciate your "brutally" honest answer to this question:

How would you have handeled this situation if you were in our place?

Would you have fired Capex CPA or not? 

Image by Robert DeLaRosa from Pixabay


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