"What are some of the biggest companies using Node.js?" Some Node.js applications trafficked by... millions of users, on a daily basis, processing huge loads of data in record time...

Those globally-known projects that are currently leveraging this JavaScript runtime's most powerful advantages: top performance and unmatched scalability...

A legitimate question to ask yourself if you're toying with the thought of creating your own project on Node.js these days. 

In this respect, here are 4 such global players who've switched over to Node.js to get inspired by:

1. LinkedIn

What Are the Most Famous Node.js Applications? LinkedIn

The business-oriented social network, with over +450 million members, has been one of the first global players to feature a mobile app backend built entirely on Node.js.

Why Node.js?

  • because it scales like no other
  • because it outshines Ruby on Rails, the technology that the company switched from, from a performance standpoint
  • because it's the best for calling other services; and it was critical that their app should communicate seamlessly with their database and the platform API

Main benefits for using Node.js:

  • they doubled their traffic capacity
  • they speeded up the development process: both front-end and back-end mobile developers can now tap into their JavaScript skills and merge into one single team
  • they've freed their resources, reducing the number of servers from 15 to... 4
  • they've boosted their app's performance on the client-side; it now runs up to 10 times faster

2. Paypal  

What Are the Most Famous Node.js Applications? Paypal

200 million users, transactions in +100 currencies...

Now, that says something about Node.js's built-in capabilities to withstand huge amounts of traffic and to overcome major data processing challenges.

No wonder that this globally-known online payment service is now featuring a client-facing side web app on Node.js.

Why Node.js?

  • because it enables development teams to use the same language, JavaScript, for both the browser and the server
  • … and this speeds up the development lifecycle dramatically (removing the need to use Java, on one hand, and JS, HTML, CSS, on the other hand)

Main benefits for using Node.js:

  • they've built their application 2 times faster
  • it's one of those Node.js applications that's got significantly lighter; it now includes 40% fewer files and 30% less code
  • the “new” network app now serves twice as many requests per second

3. Netflix, One of the Highest Traffic Node.js Applications 

What Are the Most Famous Node.js Applications? Netflix

Netflix's user interface is the perfect example of how Node.js's built to cope with massive loads of traffic and data-intensive streaming scenarios...

In short: you have a global streaming service, a heavy network infrastructure of 130 million users, with its server-side rendering powered by Node.js.

Why Node.js?

  • because it simplifies and streamlines the whole development process: developers now get to use JavaScript for both client-side and server-side coding
  • because it ships with a rich collection of modules for any functionality they might need to implement
  • because it's just... fast; speed and load time sure are some critical aspects to consider in case of a high traffic video content provider like Netflix

Main benefits for using Node.js: 

  • a modular, lightweight and fast application: load time has been reduced by 70%
  • they've cut down their build times dramatically (with JavaScript now being the only language used for both the back-end and the front-end of their app)
  • user customization is now possible

Note: Netflix's UI is, no doubt, one of the most successful Node.js projects out there and it's not just their app's skyrocketing popularity that confirms it, but the company's own intention to move their data access layers to Node.js, as well.

4. Uber

What Are the Most Famous Node.js Applications? Uber

Connecting drivers and passengers worldwide, the ever-growing online transportation network dependeds on a system with outstanding data processing capabilities.

And Node.js excels at I/O-intensive tasks... 

Why Node.js?

  • because it scales like no other, coping with an increasing demand for mobile taxi services
  • because it's designed to support distributed systems sending a heavy load of network requests
  • because it gets constantly and continuously upgraded by its dedicated open source community
  • because it's built to process massive amounts of data in record time, risk-free
  • because it provides quick error analysis and almost instant code deployment; programs get scanned through and new code deployed in... no time

Main benefits for using Node.js:

  • Uber is one of those Node.js applications processing +2 million remote procedure calls within one second; even when challenged to withstand high spikes of traffic...

The END!

Are these heavy-weight names convincing enough? Are these 4 large scale and top performant Node.js projects inspiring enough for you?

Photo by Marianne Krohn on Unsplash 


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