What are some powerful Google Site Search alternatives? On-site search solutions that should be:

  • flexible
  • effective
  • versatile (easy to use on any CMS)
  • quick to set up
  • easy to configure 
  • cloud-based
  • AI-powered

and to provide you with actionable insights on your visitors' search behavior.

How about... Cludo, an internal search engine, and insights generator?

Now, you might want to keep your “feature wishlist” at hand as you evaluate this competitor to Google's custom search solution. 

1. But What Is Cludo?

It's a robust on-site search tool that you can easily set up on your website, no matter what CMS you're using.

This way, you add a search interface where you can pull relevant data on your visitor's search behavior.

Its greatest strength? Its ease of use:

It empowers you, irrespective of your technical level, to set it up and to further optimize the content it delivers, quick and easy.

Unlike other Google site search alternatives, with Cludo you get easy access to actionable analytics. With a simple to use dashboard, you can pull powerful data and use it to constantly improve users' site search experience without having to be a... data analyst expert.

2. What Makes Cludo One of the Best Google Site Search Alternatives?

And still:

“Which are those unique features that Cludo provides?”

For there must be other key reasons why it's now rivaling Google's own custom site search solution...

Well, let me highlight just some of its most powerful features:


  • customizable index: you get to customize the criteria so that certain pages get pushed forward; you even get to specify what type of content should and shouldn't be searchable
  • machine learning-based autocomplete: it provides users with robust suggestions and corrects their misspellings in real-time
  • actionable search insights: it provides you with key data on who your website visitors are and what precisely they're searching for; you can tap into this information to deliver engaging and relevant content, to further optimize users' site search experience
  • an easy-to-use interface: Cludo's UI is designed so that even if you're not a technical user you should still be able to configure your on-site search solution quick and easy
  • semantic search: it delivers accurate and relevant results even if your website visitors type in words that are totally different from your anticipated search terms; Cludo taps into intelligent semantics, uses bigrams and synonyms to deliver the most comprehensive search results


3. Cludo vs Google Custom Site Search Engine   

What if we confronted the two powerful site search solutions?

Which would be the Google limitations that we would see exploited and counterbalanced by robust Cludo features?

3.1. Google Custom Search Engine 

Its functionality is pretty straightforward: thanks to the search bar added to your website, your visitors can look for specific content quickly.

Now, when it comes to its limitations, there are a few:

  • fewer customization options
  • it doesn't provide you with the tools (e.g. actionable analytics) needed to constantly improve and customize the site search experience delivered on your website

3.2. Cludo

Now, when it comes to Cludo, it does ship with some unique features that come to “exploit” Google Site Search's lack of them:

  • first of all, it's equipped with all the features you need for customizing the site experience: you get an easy to use dashboard where you can pull relevant analytics on your users' behavior and specific needs
  • … this way, you can tailor the delivered content accordingly and provide them a fully customized site experience
  • it ships with a banner analytics feature: you can add banners to your results page for... upcoming events, key search terms, etc.

The END!

Summing up now:

If, when evaluating some of the Google Site Search alternatives, you value particularly those features that enable you to customize the user experience, then Cludo might just be the solution you're looking for.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay



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