Be there or... be left behind! This is how your invitation to the AI Expo North America should sound like.

It's the world's largest exhibition of next generation AI technologies and conference on artificial intelligence strategies to implement at an enterprise level.

With 4 major AI conferences, sessions covering topics that range from:

  • enterprise AI apps
  • to big data
  • to analytics
  • to virtual assistants
  • to AI development

And speakers from companies such as Google, Paypal, Uber, LinkedInb, AirBnB, Kia Motors... the AI-dedicated event in Santa Clara turns into disruptive technologies enthusiasts' and forward-thinking entrepreneurs' global gathering.

AI Expo Santa Clara: Why Attend? What to Expect?

To answer your first legitimate question:

“Because all the market leaders and forward-thinking brands will be there to reveal to you, in case study-based sessions, how to (and which) implement AI techniques across your organization; how to use AI to market more intelligently and to fuel brand loyalty."

Now to give you a more convincing numbers-heavy type of answer: for its 4 AI conference tracks, its 30+ industry-leading speakers and its no less than 300+ exhibitors.

And you should definitely attend it for all the mind-blowing exhibitions of the newest AI technologies that will be showcased at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Look out for:

  • the Iot Tech Expo
  • the Blockchain Expo

What to expect, you say?

Expect debates sparking around the advancements in the artificial intelligence sector and their impacts on the enterprise & and consumer sectors.

Expect a global gathering of AI evangelists, start-ups and leaders from key industries ready to share with you their AI-centered success stories and, implicitly, some of their revolutionary AI-focused strategies.

AI Expo North America: AI in the Enterprise & AI for Developers (Nov. 29)

On the first day of the AI Conference in Santa Clara you'll be given priceless advice on how to harness artificial intelligence's full potential across your organization. Along with information on the impact that AI will have on your workforce.

And we're talking here about:

  1. the applicability of AI strategies from an entrepreneur's, a business executive's perspective (the AI in the Enterprise conference tracks)
  2. implementing AI technologies from a developer's standpoint (the AI for Developers conference tracks)

Now if we made a must-attend sessions list, it would have to include the following talks:

  • AI-Powered Business intelligence: where you'll be learning how to build an AI-first strategy, discovering how capitalizing AI grants you new business value and why you should support your decision-making process on business intelligence analysis
  • Big Data: Creating Intelligent Data Models, with prominent speakers from PayPal, Tractica, Ancestry, LinkedIn and Airbnb
  • The Application of Deep Learning Within an Enterprise: discover how some of the world's most valuable brands are capitalizing machine learning within their companies
  • Connecting Deep Learning With the Internet of Things and Blockchain: learn all about AI technologies' impact on the financial sector and the overall tech system itself; find out why you should and when it's the perfect time to make the move from predictive analytics to deep learning (a session presented by the Vice President of product and strategy, machine learning and AI at BNY Mellon)

…. and our selection of must-see sessions at the AI Expo North America could go on with those covering topics such as next-generation cybersecurity and legal advice for avoiding big data discrimination.

AI Expo North America: AI in Consumer & Digital Transformation (Nov. 30)

Customer”, “AI-powered customer experience”, “hyper-personalization”, “predictive customer intelligence” will be the words on all speakers' lips on day 2. A day broken down into 2 major conference tracks:

  1. AI in Consumer and Digital Transformation 
  2. Bot and Virtual Assistant Development 

And we've striven to pick (not an easy task!) the sessions we would add to our own event schedule as a web development team from Toronto attending it:

  • the Geeta Wilson's (Humana) keynote on leveraging AI in digital transformation
  • the panel on chatbots, presented by speakers from TGI Friday's, AIMA, MoneyGram and Foursquare
  • the talk about the role of AI/ML in e-commerce, held by Wayfair’s Associate Director of Data Science
  • the panel on taking customer experience to a whole new level through the use of the latest AI tools 

Bottom Line 

Expect a two-day marathon of:

  • attending inspiring case study-based sessions
  • one where you'll strive to take a close look at all the exhibits
  • struggle to assimilate as much insightful content as you can
  • ...and to just... be there, joining the AI revolution, right from the center (at least for 2 days) of the world of artificial intelligence


No chance to get bored at the AI conference in Santa Clara, nor chance to leave “empty handed”!


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