“Viva la revolution!” Since we keep reading/hearing how AI revolutionizes the way people shop online, the way retailers leverage their user data to personalize the shopping experiences they provide, how AI revolutionizes the entire ecommerce space. So, how are you harnessing the superpower of AI on your ecommerce site?

Your set of options includes:

  • chatbots
  • virtual personal shoppers
  • ultra-personalized shopping experiences
  • AI-based search queries
  • machine learning-powered search results

… and the list is an ever-growing one!

Now you're probably disoriented: how do you know which one(s) of these revolutionizing forms of AI fits your own company's ecommerce strategy? 

Well, let us put each one of them into the spotlight and hopefully help you identify the forms of AI in ecommerce that best suit your goals:

1. AI Virtual Shopping Assistant

The “Relax and enjoy your shopping experience!” turns into: “Relax, your virtual assistant will do the shopping for you, purchasing precisely the item(s) you need at the best possible price(s)”.

In short, as you implement this form of AI on your ecommerce site, you're actually leveraging both the valuable user data that you will have collected and the set ups that your customers will make (for instance a certain day of the week/month when he prefers his virtual assistant to “go shopping” for him/her).

Let's fancy this possible virtual shopping assistant-powered scenario:

you already have a load of priceless data on a customer's preferences and an enabled “sales” alert option. By leveraging this valuable information his online personal shopper can easily purchase that particular product/service precisely the day when the price drops down”.

See the 2 main differences?

The customer:

  1. doesn't have to type in a whole string of relevant keywords in the search box on your site, looking for the product he'd like to buy (for his virtual assistant already knows what items he'd like to purchase)
  2. won't be constantly notified (and eventually annoyed) whenever prices drop. 

The shopping experience without the time-consuming hassle!

Moreover: the AI virtual shopping assistant can curate the products/services your customers would want to purchase, depending on their browsing and shopping histories!

So, we're talking about proactively assisting your customers, ensuring future conversion, too!

2. Machine Learning for More Relevant Search Results

Relevancy is key when it comes to search results, wouldn't you agree?

But what if you could reach “the utmost relevancy” in the search options that you deliver to your online customers?

You can reach it: by leveraging the machine learning technology on your Drupal site! 

Instead of relying on the conventional keyword matching technique, you'd better harness the power of machine learning AI and deliver the perfectly adequate search results to your potential customers!

3. A New Type of Search Query: AI Processing Natural Language 

Searching for products/services on a given ecommerce website is getting “out-of-fashion”!

AI technology steps on the stage and steals the spotlight as it's equipped with natural language processing capabilites. Capabilities that the traditional way of searching for items on a given online store can't possibly compete with!

Therefore, instead of typing several relevant keywords, which may or may not display the relevant search options, AI can “interpret” customers' natural language. It can recognize and decipher their natural expressions and thus display only the most relevant search results.

  1. on one hand we have a series of keywords that get, successfully or not, matched with their corresponding products/services
  2. on the other hand with have search results determined by the process of “deciphering” natural expressions

See the difference?

4. Voice Search: Implement This Key Form of AI on Your Ecommerce Site 

AI-powered voice search has ceased to be a striking novelty for some time now.

It slowly and surely turns into a “must-have” technology for every ecommerce site/app!

Are you ready to leverage this form of AI on your ecommerce site, too?

It's the epitome of convenience: users can just utter the items they want to visualize and eventually purchase and the AI technology implemented on your website does all the rest.

Yet it's much more than “utmost convenience”: it's a way of deep-personalizing your customers' overall shopping experiences on your ecommerce website! By using voice-triggered searches you'll practically tailor, to their own needs, the search options that you'll display.

The “traditional” way of personalizing shopping experiences (to the search terms that users enter in the search box on your site) can't possibly rival with this AI-powered type of personalization, don't you agree?

5. Evolving Content 

And we do mean “in real time”!

A whole new dimension for the concept of in-depth personalized content going hand in hand with a perfectly tailored shopping experience.

In other words: what this AI technology does is adjust the content on your ecommerce website LIVE, as the customers navigate through!

The data collecting, followed by the content tailoring is no longer a viable tactic in today's ecommerce landscape.

Content evolving in real-time is the new level of personalized customer experiences! 

And not only that it helps you craft an “ultra” personalized online shopping experience, with a high level of interactivity, but you're actually taking the burden of A/B and layout testing off your team's shoulders.

As you leverage this AI technology, based on evolutionary algorithms, you'll be actually improving your online shopper's experience “on the spot”!

And the list can easily go on and on! Visual search would have to be the next AI technology on our list, followed closely by...

Yet, since it's a list that gets constantly enriched, we shall end it here. Do tell us now: have you already leveraged any of these forms of AI on your ecommerce site?


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