Karaoke game for toddlers

Karaoke game for toddlers

"Learn & Sing" is a learn-to-read karaoke game for toddlers that leverages voice recognition technology!

And it's as a 3-layered music app for kids — a fun-filled learning experience for pre-readers —  that we've designed it. Therefore, it's got:

  • the entertainment factor
  • the learn-to-read functionality
  • the monitor & evaluate progress functionality

By blending in:

  • eye-candy, cartoonish graphics, that we've striven to make as visually appealing as possible for the youngest users
  • a built-in microphone feature
  • some of the most popular nursery rhymes among toddlers

… we've striven to “camouflage” the main goals of this app — to learn-how-to-read, to correctly pronounce words and to enrich kids' vocabulary — into a fun and utterly entertaining activity for pre-readers.

And by getting it equipped with:

  • a “speech recognizer” feature
  • all the proper progress monitoring tools

… we also wanted to empower parents to closely monitor their little ones' learning progress over time. To be able to record their performances and to have all the useful graphs at hand for a proper evaluation.

What We Did
  • cartoon-style graphics that would appeal to the youngest users
  • leveraged voice recognition technology 
  • implemented progress monitoring tools
  • microphone feature
  • added a compilation of the most popular nursery rhymes

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