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Drupal 10 Migration: DIY vs Hire an Agency
  Migration can be a daunting task for many businesses and website owners. With the release of Drupal 10, the need to upgrade… Read more
5 min /
Drupal Certified Migration Partner
OPTASY achieves new milestones: now a Certified Enterprise Grade and Mid-Scale Migration Partner in the Drupal communityWe're… Read more
5 min /
Drupal Commerce vs. Magento - Who Wins the Battle for eCommerce?
  In 2021, it is expected that about 27.2% of the world population will shop online at least once.  A lot of potential… Read more
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Drupal Security Best Practices and Compliance
  Drupal is one of the most widely utilized content management systems (CMS) in the world. Powering everything from small… Read more
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Laravel PHP Framework: What Development Challenges Does It Enable You to Solve?
How many web development challenges can the Laravel PHP framework help you solve? How much easier/faster does it make it for you… Read more
5 min /
PHP for Web Development Startups
Most web development start-ups have the same problem – What programming language to pick? Which language should we specialize in… Read more
5 min /
PHP in 2019: Why Would You Still Use PHP for Building Your Websites and Web Apps?
Here's a riddle for you: What has (at least) 9 lives besides cats? Well... the ever dying and always resurrecting PHP, of course… Read more
5 min /
What Are the Differences Between PHPStorm and WebStorm? Which IDE Is Right for You?
Feeling stuck? Can't seem to put a finger on at least a few clear differences between PHPStorm and WebStorm? And you need to… Read more
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What Are the Top 10 JavaScript Libraries in 2017 that You Should Learn?
There, there, no need to get yourself stressed out over all the new Javascript libraries trying to lure you with their… Read more
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